A boy with music in his soul…

At any given moment in our house you can probably hear some distant rumble of music. We all of us are singing or playing or dancing our way up and downstairs in the course of the day. This can be a lovely thing. It can also be a nerve-wracking thing. Usually though, it’s the Clarkson mode of expression for the enjoyment of normal life.

But of late, I’ve noticed a more particular rhythm emanating from Joel’s corner of the basement. Joel is my 21-year old brother and best buddy who has been singing literally since he was a year old. There’s been a distant symphony of melody and beat rising up through the wood floors as he’s worked in “the dungeon” (the basement). He has pretty much taught himself guitar and piano, writing songs and singing his way through life for the last twenty years. But tonight, I discovered that he has pulled all his multiple talents together and has recorded some truly amazing music.

When you live with someone day after day it’s easy to miss the artistic genius hiding in the basement. It’s a brisk, bracing feeling to find such depth and beauty lurking in the soul of one’s brother. I am amazed! Such melody, such poetry, and he’s my brother! This is a boy who has music coursing through every corner of his soul and to hear it’s beauty expressed is heartening and strengthening and a dose of joy all at once. So, I simply can’t keep it to myself. I thought you too might enjoy a listen to Joel’s new music. Drop him a comment, if you will, and tell him what you think.

Anyway. I’m settling back into a few days of warm, autumn life (winter has yet to make a serious appearance) before heading up for our yearly sojourn in Breckenridge. We have six days in a cabin up there and we all trek up with a ridiculous amount of food and luggage to ski or write or simply wander as the muse takes us. On the home front, we’re celebrating the new, early darkness with a steady menu of hearty soups and fresh breads. The other two girls in the family head for TX for two days tomorrow and I’m planning to use the weekend to go and hibernate in a couple of coffee shops and pull my scattered brains together. Every now and then I have to make a day of recollection. There are so many great things to be done and thought and written and made. But they never seem to happen if I don’t take at least a few minutes to jot them down. So for now, enjoy some new music and may you have a day of recollection as well.



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3 responses to “A boy with music in his soul…

  1. katiespeer

    I am so jealous of your trip! Caught up in the busyness of my last semester, I am juggling papers I have to write and yearn to get away. A trip to Breckenridge sounds heavenly. An old roommate of mine lives in CO and I have always wanted to visit. Someday, for sure.

    I am also jealous of your warm, autumn days – here in NY autumn is almost gone and there is quite a chill in the air each morning. It even snowed a bit the other day!

    Enjoy your trip, I look forward to reading about it.

  2. Anonymous

    Joel does do a good job. You can tell him from me to keep up the good work! Really though, it is beautiful.

  3. susan501

    I am so glad you put a link to Joel’s website. Very good music indeed.


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