Storm song

‘Twas a blue, storm and gold dappled morning in TN when I wrote this a couple of years ago. It’s always fun to visit the zest of a younger self. I remember walking out in the morning and watching the sun struggle with the rain and catch a single gold-leafed tree in its beams. It was a speech-stealing sight. I tried to jot down the sight and this poem was the result. I was reminded of it in KY as the trees there (thanks to an awful drought) are just now turning. Gwen and I would pass whole stands of golden trees on our twilight drives.

The wind was a song,
The trees, like girls,
Danced in the dawn,
Of an autumn world.

Golden their dresses,
Crimson their hair,
Graceful their swaying,
In rain-washed air.

Sweet was the wind-song,
The sun caught his tune,
Flung fingers of gold,
Through storm cloud gloom,

I watched, heart alive,
In that mystical dawn,
Caught the tune in my heart,
And took up the song.

And there you have it. Happy November day to you.



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5 responses to “Storm song

  1. susan501

    Lovely poem. Thankyou for sharing. I liked the bit about the trees being like girls with their golden dresses and crimson hair.


  2. Sigh…a romantic soul you are. I visit your site often for a few stolen moments of peace.

  3. What a beautiful short poem! I read it to a co-worker a few minutes ago, and while we were listening to Joel’s songs, she suggested I put it with a photo she knows I made several years ago, sooooo—- as soon as I get a chance, expect a little something in your email inbox about 3MB in size.

    And I am so envious of your days in autumn color. It is still green down here and in the 80’s!

    all my luv.

    Uncle Wiley

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