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At Eben Haus

This perfect little cottage in the picture below is where I am at the moment. The left hand window is the guest room from where I write you, perched on my lilac bedspread. Gwen and Larla, my second family, are pictured below. There is a seasonal swing to my KY travel; autumn and spring I come out here for a few days of friendship and good cooking and long walks. And supposedly work, as in getting my books finished, though that is kinda iffy since I’m having so much fun. There is a lot of me coming alive in these spring days; my heart as IGwen and Larla have studied Isaiah and feel as if I am knowing God as an entirely new person; my soul, with the redbuds (they are like purple mists on the edges of the forest); my muscles with long rambles and gourmet meals that we cook together in this little cottage kitchen.

I was about to apologize (for the ten zillionth time) for being so erratic in my posting. For years now, I’ve lived with this expectation that sometime soon, say next Monday, or when I get home, or in two weeks, I would reclaim my sanity and my schedule and return to the expected confines of productive normalcy. But you know what, I don’t know that it will ever happen. I may be gypsying about my whole life, may never manage to get my rhythm in marching order, will probably always be in crisis, on deadline, or scurrying about for some good reason. But I’ll be dancing all the same; using every bit of eye and heart and vim to scrounge what goodness I can from the odd rhythms in which I find myself. So my friends, no apologies today, just greetings from this lovely square of earth and this chapter in my current story. I’m sure yours is crazy as well – may you find some springtime grace in the midst of it!



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