Climate hopping

I’m procrastinating.

I have a chocolate cappuccino at my elbow, the buzz of evening coffee housers in my ears, and two hours of journals and books at my corner table all to myself. All this is possible because I am ignoring the fact that I ought to be packing for my California trip tomorrow. Surely thinking, reading, is more important than mere laundry and suitcases. Don’t tell me if you disagree. Maybe I can blame it on the strange things that climate and time-zone hopping does to your brain. Grand Rapids was last weekend, and my goodness it’s cold up there. But as warm-hearted a conference as I’ve ever attended. I spoke on my new book and stayed with a family that reminded me almost exactly of my own when we were all little  (noisy, bookish, talkative, crazy, and fun!). Now for California.

When you only have three days between trips, life feels a little open ended, days get blurry. There’s no set schedule, no mental black line of expectation framing in the hours of your day. I sort of drift through these interim spaces at home. I write, blog, get up to Yorkshire tea in the morning and my quiet time, then meander into whatever rest and richness I can find.

Walking helps. The steps and fresh air form a sort of beat that gets me feeling rhythmic about my life again. There’s the added novelty of my new practice of walking with a camera. I’m determined to become an accomplished photographer. This is a very new decision. I’ve just started saving up my pennies for an SLR digital camera, but I’m practicing in the meantime on my trusty little point and shoot. If any of you have brilliant photographic tips, I’m all ears. For now, here’s what I’ve seen of late in my meandering:

Rivers in our streets.

Wintered branches give me goosebumps

I have always loved wheaten colored grass in winter. I don’t know why.

In case you were wondering, I do still think the spots, the instants of great beauty are thin places in life too. Maybe not as common as the struggleish ones, but still worth looking for every single day. I’m sure you weren’t worried, but I am determined as ever to celebrate every jot of the feast that is life. It’s all the brighter for being loved even in the shadows. This is a deeply random post. Oh well. I’m finishing this up at home and now I have to pack. Wish me luck.



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6 responses to “Climate hopping

  1. I love the idea of the thin places. It is entirely scriptural as there were places where men built altars, where they met God in person.

    I must admit that during those times when I wrestled my own angels, the choice was there as to cling to God (and making it an experience I look back upon with fondness) or letting anger and bitterness win.

    Having lived for nearly nine years in Western Michigan, I know how cold it can be… but the summers… Heaven on earth. 🙂


  2. Rachel Marohn

    I have a Canon SLR Digital Rebel. I love it!! I haven’t gotten around to reading the manual yet, but have already tested all the settings. (I am sure there are things I still don’t know about it, but plan to get there someday.) The HDR photo of the Tetons on my Wilderness Vagabond blog is taken with my SLR camera (by my husband). It’s a great camera and worthwhile investment.

  3. Sarah

    always jealous and amazed at your skillful painting with words that soothes and refreshes my soul and takes me to familiar places invisible in my heart.

  4. Sarah

    the last comment was from Sally, someone you know very well……

  5. Jedidjah Senior

    Sarah, I have been following your blog for a couple of months and just came across your post on your knee popping adventure into the darker places of your inner world. Thanks so much for allowing others to experience your writing and your journey. It is so powerful when we share our very real stories and share the mundane details of our lives with each other as well as the forays into the deep parts of our beings. It actually was a bit of a relief to me to have you admit to listening to rock and liking the Dark Knight – it helped me relate to you that much more 🙂
    I, too, am a dreaming soul in a modern world, or should I say post-modern – even more confusing, ugh. I try so hard to balance it all and often end up feeling like my dreams amount to nothing more than slogging onward into a foggy future. I love beauty as well and I’m generally joyful, but I’ve been feeling sad that last couple days. Your post ministered to me and was just what I needed to hear. So, thank you for speaking what is real.

  6. Hi Sarah! I just got a Digital SLR camera last week-a Nikon D40. It’s a really good camera and takes amazing pics-I highly recommend it. 😀

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