Snow Day on the way to TN

Twas a chill and stormy sky as we drove into a brooding, plainsong dawn.

Eighteen hours, one poor little car whose windows refused to unfog, four Starbucks stops, and one Agatha Christie Poirot audiobook later, we arrived to shelter. Home. Primal comfort. 15-bean soup and Ezekiel bread.

And today, sleep. Coffee. More soup. And a walk.

Gnarled old sidewalks with lace draped over their wrinkles. Crunch, crunch, crunch…

Dark, bare branches, silent, writing a song into the sky.

Snowlight, the first sun of the day to break through, fragile as a child with all of its brisk, young laughter.

Home for P.G. Tipps and oven-warmed shortbread. A last bit of sun.

And candlelight. Dinner. Sleep. And a new snow-day morning tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Snow Day on the way to TN

  1. amy

    a pleasure to read. never thought of bare branches that way: writing a song into the sky.=) found you through rabbitroom.

  2. Exquisite.

    I love winter.


  3. I have come from Elise’s blog – because she speaks so highly of you (and I think so much of her!). I am a grandmother – with my youngest child older than you – so I hope you don’t mind my visiting. Your writing is exquisite.

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