Snow Day Diversions


Nobby apple cake.


Robbie Burns. I’m trying to read one full entry in my Norton Anthology every day. The man is funny.


Tea. Catching up with the British average of 6 cups a day. I’m a Yorkshire Gold girl.


Hickory, Dickory, Dock. I love Monseiur Poirot. He’s sort of a family tradition.


Three foot drifts. Those are fun to shovel.

What are your snow day delights?



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5 responses to “Snow Day Diversions

  1. Dear Sarah,
    I just love your blog. You’re such a true sweetheart and reading your thoughts makes me want to be a better person, as hokey as that sounds… I’m so glad we’re friends. I hold myself back from commenting on every post, ’cause they’re all so good and inspring.. but just so you know, it’s completely your fault that I’m addicted to your blog. So when I read your post about technology sucking my life away, I took solice in the fact that, at least, you’re helping me to be a blog addict… you know, shifting the blame.. haha
    Love, Annie

  2. Are you really a Yorkshire Gold girl? That’s too bad, I had a whole box in my cabinet! 🙂 I suppose the tea from London was adequate, though… 🙂

    That apple cake looks yummy!

  3. Jerrine

    Reading your blog, Sarah! Well done!

  4. Lillyput90

    Hard to say, where I live we get snow once every three years (on average)! When there is snow I usually rush outside to taste the first snowflakes, get soaked, then go out every hour to see how the snow is progressing. After there is enough to walk in I go outside with my siblings and build snowmen, throw snowballs, take photos, and pray that the power won’t go out! (It often does as our city isn’t really equipped for snow, snow being a rare, rather small concern on the city council’s agenda).

  5. JOaNNE

    No snow for me; we live in Hawaii. Thanks for the memories. I miss the snow so much, and my poor girls have never experienced it. Genevieve (3) likes to make sand angles because that is the closest thing she’s got to snow!

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