Loving of late…

Being in Asheville. My favoritest city in the states. Just as the leaves are changing. And woodsmoke tints the air.

Attending a conference for serious writers (oh yes, my nose is turned sophisticatedly up) of novels.

51JJN7KB8WL._SL160_Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry

Dinner at the Corner Kitchen in the Biltmore Village: Pecan encrusted trout, cold green bean salad, and mashed sweet potatoes. All served in candlelight, with a tree-speckled cobblestone street out the window, and caramel bread pudding for dessert.

Driving. Alone. For days.

Being in a hotel room all by myself.

This music by my newly discovered favorite film score composer, Thomas Newman: Any Other Name



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8 responses to “Loving of late…

  1. Sounds like heaven! Soak it all in!

  2. You made it!

    That’s going to be quite a lengthy conference, now isn’t it? Enjoy every minute! Who wouldn’t be inspired to write in Asheville?

    (Back to preparations…head down…nose to the grindstone)

  3. The best trout I had in my entire life was on our honeymoon at a tiny restaurant between Asheville and some small town on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    I can’t imagine how beautiful that area is in October.

  4. I’ve just finished Hannah Coulter…beautiful!!

  5. HveHope

    Those intense years, the loneliness, I vividly remember it. I was Truly alone because I did not know my Saviour. You are alone and yet not, I suspect? A comfort in being watched-over by the Father? A bittersweet book during that time in my life was ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ by Rilke. Not a book for the faint~hearted. One that ‘balances’ the intensity and depth of the loneliness (in Rilke’s book and in life), is the Mitford Series books by Jan Karon. Perfect foil to the ‘heavy’ feelings that can wash over.

  6. How I am engaged in the beauty you are enjoying and trying not to envy not being with you. I hope your senses and spirit are reveling and being refreshed in the amazing wonder of fall in Asheville. Love you, dearest Sarah.

  7. Sarah- I love Hannah Coulter, I have read it more than once….enjoy it is beautiful

  8. Hannah Coulter is one amazing book.

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