Cantus by Arvo Part

I love having a brother studying music and composition and conducting right in the heart of Boston. It means he gets to hear reams of celestial sounding music and then eventually, I do to. When Joel is home on break, I always end up with a few new composers. One of my favories from this trip is Arvo Part. An Estonian composer, he writes music that is a mixture of sacred and modern classical. I find myself immediately stopped by the strains of his music. This cantus is a world of its own, to hear it is to enter it, even for a brief instant.

Joel said (I couldn’t hope to phrase it more elegantly), “it’s very affecting music. It deeply affects you just to hear it. It’s fearful, in an awe-inspiring sort of way because every note is so charged with meaning.”

I hope you love it as we have.


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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing it on the laptop. Right now I’m on the computer in the office where the speakers are not working.

    Christopher introduced me to a very strange group but he loves the music. Interesting enough, so does Jayson and my husband.

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