If I ever get the notion to drive across the CA desert again…

Please take me gently by the hand and lead me quickly to an insane asylum. Because if you don’t, I’ll be in one anyway by the time I finish another twenty hours of desert sand and sun driving. It’s ten fifteen, I’ve driven for fifteen straight hours (up at five) and yes, I am being an utter wimp. I think I’ve earned it.

Four days of desert driving for four days of beach… hmmm. Worth it? Emphatically yes. If only for the girl’s club atmosphere and the late night movies and the swimming in the ocean. Even the camaraderie of desert driving. I am graced and blessed by the gift of even a few hours to soak in God’s ocean.

I did try, you really must believe me, to post every day. I’m sorry I missed my two days! It was a conspiracy between an internet connection that didn’t work at all for two days, late nights and dawn bright driving hours, and a generally harried mind. I did read some wonderful things, and listen to what has abruptly become one of my favorite books on tape ever, and thought some sudden, flashing, soul-elucidating thoughts which I’ll pound out here soon. So, I’ve been storing up for you.

Okay. The English muffin and glass of milk with which I was welcomed home are making me sleepy. My own bed is waiting. Even Kelsey, our pet-me-every-minute-or-I’ll-die-of-abandonment golden retriever has ceased begging and headed to her corner of couch. I bid you goodnight.



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2 responses to “If I ever get the notion to drive across the CA desert again…

  1. Sharon

    Welcome home!

  2. So glad your time at the ocean was worth the drive and that your return through the desert was a safe one. I’m in dire need of some “soul-elucidating thoughts,” so rest up! I can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind! 🙂

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