Sorry friends. I just lost a page’s worth of a post. I’ll rewrite it all out again when I’m a little less droopy-eyed with sleep. We three girls swam for over an hour in a crashing storm of an ocean that felt cold as ice, and then we trekked shell-strewn miles up and down the beach and now, I’m worn right out. I did try to get that post up! More tomorrow. My advice for now? Look at the stars. Eat chocolate chip cookies dunked in coffee with whipped cream. Walk long, wind tossed miles. Laugh with anyone you can get your hands on. It’s working for me. Sleep well.



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4 responses to “Argh.

  1. Sunshine

    OH I am sorry you lost your whole post – I hate when that happens! I LOVE your advice though – esp. the chocolate chip cookies dipped in coffee YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND the grab someone and laugh hard – oh such great medicine! I hope you have a wonderful day today! Sunshine

  2. Sarah,
    As funny as it might sound, after the chaos of moving and getting all unpacked I made a cup of tea and got caught up on yours and your mom’s blogs! And lo and behold, y’all we in my dream last night and we were all on vacation together in a huge mansion. It was fun. 🙂 I’m glad you’re having a great trip- eat some cookies for me!

  3. Beth M

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. So happy for you all. Praying for a safe trip home! We’re leaving our villa in the morning. A great week had by all. Getting Erica then Andrea ready to move back to school this week. Enjoy Joel and eveyone being together;)

  4. geektechnique

    Glad you are having fun. I admire your efforts to blog more frequently! Thanks for the advice. Walking long, wind tossed miles… That sounds like fun!

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