Over the redstone and through the desert..

To the California coast we go! We made it and are happily installed in our little cottage a stone’s throw from the pacific ocean. You’ll have to forgive me for not posting yesterday- it was a long last five hundred miles and by nightfall and bed, I decided I just couldn’t wait for pictures to download. The morning light introduced me to the thrum of waves and a cool, wet air. I’m a bit more refreshed. Now, a desert drive:


Right at that hour of late, honeyed light, we reached a pass through strange mounds of rock, great sandstone towers, red cliffs, grey, hulking hills. It was startling.


Oh, and then a peach stand. Right in Palisade Colorado, a town golden with the dust of high desert, and green with the snaky curve of a river valley. Right in those high mountain orchards grow some of the best peaches around. We bought a whole box to munch. (Which was later confiscated at the border of CA much to my bewilderment.)



And now we’re here. Safe. And happy as clams. (Though, obviously, not the clams in the clam chowder we had for dinner last night- I doubt they’re happy.) Ocean pictures coming next.



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2 responses to “Over the redstone and through the desert..

  1. Susan


    I’ve often nipped back here to see what nuggets you’ve posted, and now after your little break I can’t keep up with you!! I’m going to set aside an evening this week, make some tea in my favourite cup, put my feet up and take my time savouring your words. 🙂


  2. Jennifer

    Hope you have a wonderful time! We will be taking the same road next Tuesday! What a great idea about the peaches….nothing better than Colroado peaches! We’ll make sure and get them eaten before the Cali boarder (with six of us it should be easy…hee hee)! We’re going to the central valley but I’m praying we’ll get at least one day at the ocean!
    God bless you!

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