It’s 10:12. I’m rather beat. I promised I’d post something every day. I shall prevail! But only with the help of brilliant friends. Tonight, a tour of the other, obviously energized minds peopling my favorite blogs of late:

For creative motivation: Working Toward Ten Thousand Hours

For artistic philosophy: What Creative People Never Tell You About Creativity

For love of friends: Stalking Wonder: The Picnic

For pure deliciousness: Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

In praise of refreshment and to spark wanderlust: Sigh

For wisdom from a modern day and very gentlemanly prophet: Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky

For beauty. Pure beauty: Table-turning

That was fun. I could make a habit of this.



Filed under Random (and I do mean random) Thoughts, Thoughts Thunk Much Too Late At Night

2 responses to “Touring

  1. joydancer

    You are an amazing resource and encouragement. You feed the souls of so many people. Grace and peace to you today.

  2. Thanks for sharing these blogs, it made my morning! I’m happy to also have a few other places to go read and bask in the beauty of words poured out by others.

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