A theme for your weekend…

I was driving home tonight in gusty starlight when I stumbled upon the last rich strains of this musical creation on my local classical channel. I bounded frantically upstairs the minute I got home in an effort to snatch the title of the piece off the station’s website, and so have just discovered this new, aching beauty of a piece of music. I thought you might like it too. This ought to start your Saturday off with a bit of transcendence. I present The Lady Caliph, a nocturne by Ennio Morricone:



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4 responses to “A theme for your weekend…

  1. Beautiful…thank you for sharing that. I had tears in my eyes. It finished off my Saturday with transcendence. =)
    Sarah in New Zealand.

  2. This is breathtakingly beautiful. I love some of Morricone’s film music, but have never heard this piece before. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    So glad to see you posting here again! Love your thoughts. 🙂

  3. Shannon C

    I just came over here from your mom’s blog. Beautiful music! I just wanted to say that you have a lovely blog with wonderful words. I’m older than you, but I am certain that I will learn from you. I will check back often! I said a prayer for you this morning and will continue to do so whenever I read your blog.

    Shannon C

  4. I’m glad to see you’re posting again. The piece of music is meditative and transcending even, thanks for sharing. I’ve also appreciated your sharing in your last couple of posts. I’m sure God will show Himself, in due time.

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