So much for being a regular blogger. If you are reading this, then you have proved yourself of a faithful good will. I mean, to check in and see when I resurfaced from wherever it was I was after this long is awfully kind of you. I’m grateful. You’re a true cyberspace friend. To be honest, I’ve spent this summer trying to get soul, and heart, and brain back into some sense of order after a year (or really three) that was lovely, and somehow, intensely disorienting. I’m getting there. Pray for me. πŸ™‚

As I have worked through the maze of my own thoughts over the summer, I have, as always, found the well written thoughts of my favorite authors deeply helpful in untangling my own. I’ve branched out a bit too, into new literary territory. Reading is, for me, a source of nourishment, a means of enrichment, but probably more than anything, it is one of the main ways by which my soul breathes in life. Survival, I guess you could say. There have been several books this summer that have burrowed deep tunnels of life into my soul, aired out darkness, lightened dim corners.

The first is one my brother recommended for years (I ought to have listened sooner): Cry, the Beloved Country. A novel set in South Africa, chronicling the journey of a native priest as he leaves the hills of his home to search for his missing son in Johannesburg. I’m going to write a longer review later, but for the moment, I just have to say, this is one of the humblest and sweetest dealings I have ever seen an author give to the subject of loss, and God’s presence in the midst of it. Pain, and God’s goodness still hovering round. The writing itself is lyrical, plaintive.

The second, I found oddly enough on a friend’s bookshelf in Beijing: The Evidential Power of Beauty. Do you know what I loved about this book – it basically confirms that God is everything your heart desires him to be. Imagine if you could fix every bit of the world to perfection, make up a true history to satisfy every human desire for peace, beauty, fellowship, love. Well, it’s all there in God in his kingdom. That’s it. Perfection. The author takes you on this sweeping tour of beauty throughought the world; from particle physics, to quantum physics, to surveys of all created life, animal, plant, human, and then to the crowning beauty of a virtuous man or woman, and the God who made them. It’s a sort of celebration. I loved it.

Last, for now, The Bee Keeper by one of my old-time favorite authors, Gene Stratton Porter. The story of a WWI vet with a shrapnel wound, the story follows Jamie as he sets out on an adventure up the coast of California, assuming his wound will kill him along the way. When he stumbles into the life and charge of a noble old bee keeper’s home right next to the ocean, the stage is set for his healing through the rich beauty of the coast, the tang of ocean, and nourishment of huge, fresh tomatos. But then, he meets the Storm Girl… This is an old fashioned book full of old fashioned sentiment about family, patriotism, and the healing power of beauty and friendship. It’s a lovely summer read, but nourishing to the soul in every aspect as well.

All for now. Read, and love, and enjoy, and be in the greatest of grace this summer day.




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10 responses to “Resurfacing

  1. It is lovely to see a new post from you. There is always good reading recommendations.

    Stephanie called for my birthday and is enjoying her trip very much. πŸ™‚

  2. You’ve been missed! Welcome back! πŸ™‚

  3. Well, I had the wonderful priviledge of our visit a couple of weeks ago but sure glad you’re back here now!

  4. I’m so happy you had a chance to share a little of what’s been going on. Your voice and your heart have definitely been missed! Can’t wait to hear (read) more. Enjoy the rest of your summer as it winds to a close. I WILL pray for you. πŸ™‚

  5. Such a lovely surprise to find a new post! And thank you for the book recommendations. I love Gene Stratton Porter’s books but haven’t read The Bee Keeper yet. I think it is sitting on a bookshelf somewhere in this house. =) I ordered Culture Making a few weeks ago, thanks to you recommending it and am so looking forward to it. Enjoy your summer!

  6. Ah, how sweetly blows the lacy curtain as she opens the window and offers a fleeting glimpse.

    It is beautiful in this world we live in from Him. I see beauty all around me . . . I see much here in your little corner. Breathe deeply, sweet sojourner — cast a glance around and find that you are far from alone . . . far from alone.

    May your heart and mind be still as you find yourself right where He has placed you.

    This Summer has be a reconciling time for me as well — and it has been WONDER-filled. God is so good . . . just as He promised.

    I look forward to the next “glimpse.” Carry on sweet girl. : D

  7. Debbie in MI

    So glad you’re back. Missed you so much!

  8. Jessica

    Glad to see you blogging again. I have to tell you among other things, I have so enjoyed your rich reviews of children’s literature. Although you may not have posted often, you have contributed gems to our home library. I am my family thank you.

  9. Melody

    Alan Paton is one of my all-time favorite authors. Cry The Beloved Country a book that will never leave you. I’m glad you found it. Try his Too Late The Phalarope.

  10. Beth M

    I will add you to my regular internet ritual now, and look forward to your insight, inspiration, and the fun of you. I’m so blessed to know you:)

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