Happy Sabbath

“You and I, each one of us without exception, can be defined as an aching need for the infinite.” -Thomas Dubay




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2 responses to “Happy Sabbath

  1. So true . . .

    Lovely to stop by and “catch up” with you. God paints some pretty amazing scenes and puts us down in them doesn’t He? Your China trip fascinates me — God called, you went, the pics can’t begin to show the heart impact . . . but the smiles give a hefty hint.

    I shall continue to keep you in my prayers as you and your precious family reach out and grasp His guiding hand wherever it leads you.

    Have a blessed day with your Mom as you celebrate (as we will here) the JOY of being a family. A true blessing.

  2. Amen and amen! How true! Hope your Sabbath was beautiful and full of grace and peace! Sunshine

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