“Well, look who’s having a good hair day,” said a thin, business-looking but beaming security guard as I ducked through the metal detector.

“You have a wonderful day” he called over his shoulder, “and break some hearts while you’re at it.”

I grinned for an hour.

I love people like that.

Meeting them is like running into someone who grew up in the same impossibly tiny town as you. The town being “Delightedness in Life” – and no matter who they are or how obscure the corner of earth in which you find them, they are neighbors. And their faces are strangely familiar.



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4 responses to “Hometown

  1. I love living in Delightedness in Life — no other town would do for me! : D

    I have so enjoyed “catching up” with you. As spring has sprung here in my cottage and surrounds I am less on the computer and more at play in God’s fragment of Eden I call home.

    Your book recommendation is on its way to me and will sadly sit atop a heap I have ever-growing next to my favorite reading chair, and a stack next to my bed, and one here in my sitting room, and . . . : D But I will get to it . . . with delight.

    Life’s so JOYful when we dance on His pathways of love and laughter and delight.

    I’ve so enjoyed my visit . . . as always.

    Til next time . . . [She dashes away with book in hand to rescue a teakettle singing on the hob.]

  2. Haha… let’s just face it, you’re gorgeous, girl!!! Isn’t it fun when people notice? 🙂 I love it.

  3. I’m sure he was commenting, not only on the aesthetic but also on the brightly shining beauty that comes from within. So glad he left you grinning. It is so lovely when someone notices!!

  4. Sarah

    Ah Debbie, wish I could have been there to share the cup of tea you poured from that kettle snatched from the hob.

    You all are sweet- your comments bring a pleasant pink to my face. I just love it when people are willing to talk, laugh, compliment, enjoy the goodness that still dwells at the heart of life. You all are definitely from the town of Delightedness. I’m glad we’re neighbors.

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