New Paths

I am in a time of renovation. A new course of dreaming, a new shape for the future, a new way of thinking about my life and the future. This blog is going to reflect that pretty soon. I apologize for my continued, sporadic absences. I’ve traveled almost nonstop since Jan. 1, but I have also been trying to figure out the shape I want my writing and thinking and blogging to take in the next year or two. The good news is that I will probably go through a short process of creative reinvention that will invigorate my thinking and writing and enable me to begin blogging much more regularly again with a will. I’m pretty excited. Thanks for any of you who check back here- I’m hoping to be present much more often, very soon.

For now, here’s a glimpse of a halcyon morning we managed to snatch after the conferences. On our CA trip, after the CA conference, we had one perfect morning to wander the beach and eat breakfast literally about ten feet from rushing, whirling waves. I am tired enough at the moment to say simply, “it was beautiful”, and yet, there are times that I feel that is a perfectly profound enough statement to capture the pearl and robin’s egg blue of the storm scourged sky, and the thrill of running barefoot through sopping sand with a stealthy wave creeping up to your toes. Our friend Ron, caught us on his camera unawares, and caughdsc_0014t us in a series of pictures that are some of my favorites ever.







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9 responses to “New Paths

  1. jeanette sanchez

    Hi Sarah,
    we met very briefly at the conference in Irvine and it was my first time ever visiting a whole heart event, I hope to attend again next year.

    I really like that last shot, perfect.

  2. evidentialist


    I just stumbled onto your blog while looking for a quotation from John Donne that comes up in a Goudge novel. (You had a fragment of it — hence the Google hit.) Anyone who loves Elizabeth Goudge and Rich Mullins enough to have them both pictured in the sidebar has good taste!

    Best wishes to you as you head off to Houghton … though it seems to me that you already have the essential qualities of a real writer and that you may find that a creative writing program is less helpful than one might suppose. If that happens (and I do not say that it must happen), be ready to move on.

    You may well have said something about this in months or years gone by, but if you have not yet read Marilynne Robinson’s novel Gilead, I recommend it highly; given the significant overlap between your tastes and mine in literature, I think you would love it.



  3. Sarah,

    That last photo is lovely, but on all of them you all looks so happy and healthy…..and well…lovely! (loved your England snapshots too).

    I really relate to your “renovation”…mine is of a different sort I think, but a renovation nonetheless, a sifting, shaking up and pruning of my life, all for the good I hope. Wanting to be *real* with God and those around me. An old Sara Groves song echoes my thoughts, “Just Showed Up”, I think it’s called.

    Raising a nice cup of tea to our “renovations”. It is a joy *whenever* you turn up in blogland, so no apologies neeeded!!!

  4. Glad to have you back. I look forward to reading your writing depicting renovations, reinventions, renewals… Thanks also for sharing these wonderful pictures. They are inspiring on their own.

  5. amy brown

    Hi Sarah, David and I enjoyed chatting with you at the conference. I look forward to reading more from you and hopefully connecting again sometime.

  6. YAY your back – cannot wait to read your posts! Sunshine

  7. New paths, fresh beginnings, dreams, wishes, thoughts . . . so much beauty to share. I look forward to more sharing as you journey forward.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in my home state. I’m in the northern part near Tahoe, so no seashores to be seen, but much beauty just the same. For some years I lived near the sea and still miss the whoosh of waves. I heard a seagull the other day while out in my garden (I know I did) and it took me back to the seashore in a heartbeat. I love the mountains and the sea — California offers me the chance to see both in a few hours. Blessing!

    Well, I’ve babbled enough this late Saturday Eve. I look forward to more of your literary rambles and musings over coffee. Don’t stay away too long. : D

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  9. Wishing your renovation much joy in the journey. May you feel His Spirit firmly leading you as you grow. KellieC

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