It’s Saturday…

And I’m:

Typing as fast as my poor, sleepy brain can stand because I am determined to turn in my manuscript tonight, even if it kills me (and it might).

Drinking coffee at Agia Sophia at a little corner table that sets me in the middle of just enough bustle to help me concentrate. How would writers exist without coffee shops and good cappuccinos? (And another cup of coffee, albeit decaf, after that?)

Feeling rather self-congratulatory that the house is decorated for Christmas and we have a REAL Christmas tree this year.

Loving the white tempest that has finally descended upon our chilled landscape. Four inches! So lovely.

Getting teary-eyed at the ending of August Rush. Ah, the music.

Gearing up for six straight nights of performance in the Christmas musical Scrooge. Watch out world, here we come!

Wishing you all a weekend woven through with hot chocolate, wintry walks, family laughter, and some good Christmas tunes.



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6 responses to “It’s Saturday…

  1. cottagethoughts


    When you turn in your manuscript, will that put you back in the land of the living???

    Have a wonderful holiday season!!


    All the Wilburs!

  2. Sarah,

    Your writing has been such an inspiration to me. I always come away feeling inspired, happy, and content. And closer to God.

    I have also read “Journeys of Faithfulness”. God has taught me much through it, and I am so thankful that He led you to write it.

    Christmas – what a beautiful word for a beautiful season. This year is my first to have a real tree, and I can hardly wait to make it glow with little white, warm lights. And last night we had our first *real* snow of the season.

    Merry Christmas and God bless,

    (BTW, my Mom is “Robin’s Egg Blue”. She and your mom have been emailing each other lately. 🙂

  3. KellieC

    YUM! piping hot coffee, a decorated house, tree lights glowing!

    I am so comfy in my favorite chair resting after a day of decorating. It’s great to catch up with you. Thrilled to see you writing and can’t wait for your next book.

    Ask you Mom, as time and the Lord allow, to update on your brother. I can’t wait to hear how the Lord is going to work out this request from last week.

    KellieC, formerly of Italy, now in No.Va.

  4. Oooooh! I googled your coffee shop . . . FABULOUS!!!! Someday I hope to make it to your territory. We must meet for coffee in this delectable spot for thought and more. : )

    I shall keep you in my prayers as you scramble through these final duties as author and seeker of wisdom to share.

  5. Sarah,

    It’s so great to have you back again! Ditto to all the wonderful comments of others. I’m excited to hear about your book and everything else going on in your world. August Rush…I thought the music was amazing…gotta see if there is a soundtrack. 🙂 Coffee, decorations, music, movies, and snow…aaah! Can’t wait to hear more…

  6. sarah
    thank God for the purifying chill of winter.
    I hope that your tired brain carried you through to the last word.
    this is quite exciting.

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