From Away

Swift and chill and laced with a glimmering – that’s the way the night comes here in the mountains. I’m sitting in that early winter dark with another rushed day tucked in and the leisure of a few unfettered minutes. It’s been a long time since I’ve written and I truly have missed this space and the gracious, invisible faces that surround it. I’m sorry for my delinquency, truly I am. I owe you at least several posts (with picture) from the England trip. It’s just that I’m in a year of life that is indescribably overwhelming at times.I  actually have two more weeks until the deadline on my book so I can see sanity in the future… I think.

I live in a rhythm of work right now that is quite productive for my writing though perhaps not so much for my soul, so I decided that no matter how many more original publication dates and author’s bibliographies I needed to find on the internet, a visit with you was more important.

So how have you been my friends?

As I said, I owe you some autumnal English pictures and I am going to do a series of postcards from our trip in the next few weeks. Oh my friends, I love to be out in the wide world. It was a glorious adventure in which we walked more miles, drank more tea, and got soaked in relentless rain more times than even I thought was possible. You will love some of the stories, especially of our stay in Thirsk, James Herriot’s home village. That was a priceless two days.

I am back in the mountains now and though one blustery little snow has stolen the last aspen leaves, we are luxuriating in a strange, summerlike warmth which I am using to take long walks every day. I’ve been listening to one album as I trek up and down the hills of late, Michael Card’s Unveiled Hope. The overture at the beginning has an aching exuberance that almost makes me cry for the sheer beauty and bluster of its notes. I think it is so emotionally compelling because the whole album is Michael’s embodiment of the story told in Revelation. He took some of the most beautiful Scriptures of that last, apocolyptic book and put their themes to music. Holy is the Lord spurs such praise in me, an echo of the choir around God’s throne, while the last song, The New Jerusalem, so keenly and sweetly captures the true hope that God will one day be literally, physically with us that I have to simply be quiet sometimes after hearing it.

I think I have loved this particular set of music so much of late because it reflects what I have been studying in Isaiah. I have had some cause to feel myself to be “walking in darkness with no light” (Isaiah 51) at times this year, but my daily study of Isaiah has been the shield and staff I needed to hold me straight, to tell me uniquivicoally who I am and what has been promised to me. I’ll be writing more about my Isaiah times because I feel that my mind overflows sometimes with the need to shout out the truths I’m learning. But for now, as I work and work, wondering when God will alow me to flourish in some barren areas of my life, I take these long walks, listen to this music of a real hope unveiled, and I am helped. I am strengthened.

So that’s where I am in heart. In head, I’m smack in the middle of writing the last of what feels like about three thousand and one book reviews (how many different words can you think of to describe a delightful book? Captivating? Charming? Enchanting? I’m running out!) so I am probably a strange philosophical mix. Oh well. Life is an adventure, non?

English postcards coming soon. Grace to you my friends.



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8 responses to “From Away

  1. Sarah

    Hello Sarah,
    I have been reading your blog for a long time, even before it was called Itinerant Idealist and finally I am commenting! I found your blog after reading your book Journeys of Faithfulness.
    I absolutely love the way you write, you have such a precious and rare gift. I am now almost 21 and so much of what you write resonates with me.
    I noticed the other day that you are reading Gentian Hill. I read it recently after you recommended Elizabeth Goudge’s books. It was just perfect for me at the time, God really spoke to me through it. So I just want to say thank you…for sharing some of your thoughts and life through this blog. May God bless you in this busy time and give you lots of inspiration for those book reviews!
    Sarah from New Zealand.

  2. I eagerly await your shouts … and am curious about the books you’ve written and are writing. What are their titles? It’s my pleasure to mention your blog as recipient of the Premio Dardos Blog Award. I wish more readers would discover Itinerant Idealist and be blessed by reading your inspiring words.

  3. Debbie in MI

    Before going to bed tonight my daughter shouted with excitement, “Mom, Sarah wrote!” We anxiously await your posts. Know that you have been missed. Your words are always a delight. Michigan is pretty gloomy these days. Health and economy issues try to weigh me down at times. Your words are so refreshing to my soul.
    Thank you.

    You’re in my prayers.


  4. How wonderful to turn on the computer and find “you” there. 🙂

    Especially since Stephanie and I were just talking about you (all good, of course).

    I must get that Michael Card CD. I love his music, anyway, but I’m spending my quiet times in the beginning of the Book of Revelation.

    I go through the letters to the Churches at least once or twice a year but this morning I read farther into the breaking of the seals.

    That was exactly what was on my mind this morning… the beautiful “music” that is in this Book.

    Warm hugs, I’ll be praying for you. 🙂

  5. When my feed reader lit up I rejoiced. “Sarah has surfaced for air!” I exclaimed as I rushed over to savor and delight in your latest adventures. I will admit I was hoping for some pics in which to glide away from a rather “sad” day around this cottage,;but notwithstanding the lack of pics, I enjoyed the promise of future postings and rambles and remembrances.
    For now, I shall join in prayers for you as you finish your important writing project and add praises that you are such a giving, sharing kindred. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. I can hardly wait. : )

  6. Sarah,

    I have to echo everyone’s delight at seeing a fresh post from you 🙂

    Please do share your “Isaiah times” soon, as walking in the darkness with no light certainly stikes a chord with me – though perhaps my “walking” could be described more accurately as a hands and knees struggle!!! I’m looking forward to reading what you have learned.

    Joining everyone “above” in prayers for you!


  7. Hey, kiddo! Glad you made it back and glad you had a wonderfull time over there. One of these days, maybe you can be a guide for me and your Aunt Linda. We owe each other some private email too when time permits but man life’s sure busy! Your dad can fill you in!

    Luv ya!

  8. jess


    I do so appreciate your writings and feel we should be properly introduced before I can use your first name, but alas, how does one do that via computer? Anyway, I wanted to tell you that Isaiah is one of my favorite books—Right now the chapter that is resonating within me is Chapter 30 starting with verse 18. To know that He longs to show compassion to me is so comforting in this busy season of my life with four hearts that He has entrusted to me. Enjoy Isaiah–soak in the truths–and maybe your shouts from CO and mine from IA will meet somewhere in the middle!!!

    In Christ,

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