I’m going to England!

Windermere Lake

I can’t think how I’ve failed to remember to let you know that… I’m off to have tea in Beatrix Potter’s village, to wander Wordsworth’s garden, roam Shakespeare’s hometown and shiver in the wild October wind of James Herriot’s dales.  For eight idyllic, long-planned days, I’ll be in the gold and chill of England in October. It’s a long story, but it basically came about because a friend asked me to be a sort of literary tour guide and teacher for her granddaughters. We’re making a tour of the homes of great children’s writers (and a few poets), and stopping for a day in London to see Dickens house and visit the Tate (which has one of the world’s best collections of Pre-Raphaelite paintings… I’m gonna be in heaven.) This is just the scouting trip, so my mom and sister are coming along as well for a girl’s club time. I’ve booked our B&Bs, passports are in glorious order, and all I need now is a good satchel to hold my journal (I am incredibly picky about these things and can’t seem to find one to fit my idealistic tastes).  I’ll be sure to take pictures and give you updates from the road. (And here, just for the fun, are a few photos from my last English sojourn, I’ll be in many of the sames places!)

Grasmere - Wordsworth's Birthplace (and home to some very hysterical sheep!)

Addison's Walk - where Tolkien persuaded Lewis to consider the truth of the "one true Myth".



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8 responses to “I’m going to England!

  1. I opened this post with a shiver of delight (as I always do), but was completely unprepared for the winsome gift that fluttered free. A trip to ENGLAND! I have always dreamed of one! I shall not bore you with the details of life’s choices to forestall the intended journey, nor the hand of God that changed the course, but I shall say enthusiastically I am awaiting the pics, sure, but the text — oh such melifluous meanderings of prose over spots that birthed my very favorites … ’tis a gift I anticipate with delight.

    I might add, in my prayers recently I mentioned to the Lord that your particular gift should never be enclosed into a stuffy office or mundane pay-check job. In fact, I prayed that the Lord would continue to show you the path to spread freely your individual wings and soar for His glory and the improvement of life as we await glory. I believe this latest quest as tutor/guide answers that prayer right smartly. ; )

    As I close (my comments do so ramble … so sorry) I invite you to come by and visit my garden of hope. I have planted a patch of poetry and english-inspired beauty here in the Sierras of CA and sometimes I forget which side of the pond I reside on.

    Blessings to you, sweet one.

  2. p.s. I adore the new header picture. It speaks volumes of you … of promise … of hope.

  3. I’m just so envious!!! I can’t think of a better person to tutor kids on this subject! You’ll be wonderful! I hope you gals have a wonderful time!!! 🙂

  4. How beautiful!! Sounds amazing too…

  5. Bring your umbrella Sarah…it has been raining terribly the past few weeks, but just this week the smell and feel of autumn is finally in the air!

    By the way, I’m in the West Midlands, so do shout “Hello Sue” if you pass through!!!

    Praying for a safe journey for you all and beautiful, English, autumn weather too!


  6. How wonderful! Can’t wait to see your pictures and read your thoughts. Those are some of my favorite places… as for literary tour, you know they’re having the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath now… maybe a little detour to go there?

  7. I dream of going to England one day! I can’t wait to hear of the times you’ve had and see the amazing pictures you take!

  8. Linda

    My response a little late I know – however I just caught up with this blog – I am English now living in Illinois, and I noted you were visiting my hometown of Stratford Upon Avon. I do hope that you had an amazing visit there and that everyone was kind to you. I love to read your blog and that of your mother – they are quite brilliant.

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