I’ll be here soon…

Hello, hello! (Imagine a very breathless me running by and waving madly in your direction as my voice trails into the distance.)  I am going to write you all a good newsy letter soon, for now, know that I will be posting again soon but am in the midst of seeing my two brothers off to New York City and Nashville (watch out world!). There are all sorts of “last” things going on, “last coffee out”, “last big dinner”, “last minute packing”, etc. For the moment, I’m off to a last soup and bread lunch on a foggy day with all the siblings before tomorrow’s departure, so here’s late summer good wishes and I’ll be back soon!



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4 responses to “I’ll be here soon…

  1. I do miss your posts Sarah! I don’t comment often but I do enjoy reading what you write here. Such encouragement and inspiration. May God bless you and your family during this time of transition!

  2. YAY! I cannot wait to read what you write when you get back! Sunshine

  3. Oh, how delightful to know you will be returning with a bevy of tales to spread thickly around the blog that has been blanketed in quietness of late. I have learned of “feeds” lately and am delighted to know I shall receive notice when you pop in for a chat. Never again will I stumble here and see that I have missed a missive.

    EnJOY all of your lasts, which will surely be followed by a plethora of firsts (first visit to brother in …, first recording of …, first publication of …, first reunion after …) — oh the possibilites are endless. The tears and goodbyes of now will become raucous laughter and embracing at the holidays. I can hardly wait. Oh, dear girl, pen the family memoirs (though embroidered for privacy when needed) and send THAT book out into the world. Your readers are there, for everyone loves a good story of family, fun, and food woven together with the choicest of words and word-pictures. Hemingway entreated one to write of what one knew … you know so much of what so many wish to know. WRITE IT DOWN and send it out. : )

    Enough pushing … I look forward to a good catch-me-up post. I will be certain to bring a POT of tea next time, for surely a mere teacup cannot contain enough to sustain me through. (I am still looking for that elusive “large-enough” teacup that Mr. Lewis pined for.)

    Always a pleasure! ; )

  4. I like what you wrote in your sidebar about “random delights.” I’ll bet there’s a lot of laughter and heartfelt conversation going on. That sounds wonderful.

    How important to live even common, everyday moments with that celebration gusto you mentioned. “Last time” experiences don’t always come wrapped in clearly marked packages identifying them as such.

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