In Real Life

So, on Monday, I had the great and quite new delight of meeting Kimberlee, one of my “blog friends” in real life! There’s a strange and tingling sort of joy to hug a person you’ve only ever known through typewritten words and find they are full of laughter and spice and real, tangible friendship. During an adventure of a day (she’s a great sport) involving crazy drives, searches for a good restaurant (because unbeknownst to me, every cafe in my little mountain town closes on Mondays), drives through the Garden of the Gods, and a lovely tea as a storm came rolling in, we forged a fast new friendship. It’s so fun to find a common stream of thoughts in the brain of a new friend. So thank you Kimberlee, for a lovely day and a welcome friendship.  And watch out, I’m coming up to Alaska soon! You all should check out her very insightful and captivating blog about life and beauty and learning in Alaska: The Buggy Side of Dog. (Don’t you love the name?)

I am currently, and rather unexpectedly, in KY. Joel is on his way home from a music camp and I flew out to help with some driving and other fun things. It was kinda a spur of the moment thing, so I am reveling in the unexpected grace of a mini vacation at Gwen’s lovely cottage. I was greeted by the forgotten goodness of a southern summer dinner – there are a few things we just miss out on in CO. We had a feast of fresh corn on the cob, pickled cucumbers, hand picked salad, and the like. It was a welcome refreshment. When we lived in TN before, we used to drive up into the hills to the north and east of our home and find the Amish communities, following a rough map farm to farm in search of the freshest garden fruits. It was fun to taste summer deliciousness again. Then too, a blithe, blushing little rose was waiting on my bedside table and that is a welcome beyond words.

I am in a bit of a waiting pattern in my life of late… I have no definite news yet, and no sure decisions so I barely know how to articulate some of my current thoughts to you, let alone to myself. But I am learning much, pounding out new places in my soul, and one of them is a determined new capacity to live in the goodness offered now, in this moment. I’ll write more about it all soon. Meanwhile, may you revel in every summer warm, berry bright, firefly minute of these days. I’m certainly trying to.



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12 responses to “In Real Life

  1. Hmmm… did you know that second link is automatically generated? I clicked on it and it was rather interesting.

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Where The Trees Stand Still
    * Welcome to Sex in Jacksonville!
    * Not Just Another Story
    * Escape from the whiney beast

    Anyhoo, if I had known you were this close to me I’d have offered to meet for tea! Christopher, a I speak, is close to the Indiana/Kentucky border with some guys from church running around a forest playing paintball.

  2. Hi, Sarah. That’s great that you and Kimberlee got to meet and spend quality time together. It would have been so much fun to sit there quietly and listen to the two of you talk, stellar writers and bloggers that you both are. Thanks for sharing this good moment with your readers.

  3. Laure

    hey sarah … i am apparently your neighbor … so to speak. just up Baptist Road in the Black Forest. i’ve enjoyed visiting here.

  4. Such a delightful post, Sarah.

    I shall remember to delight in the details of everyday..

  5. jd

    hope your time is wonderful and soul refreshing.

  6. I’ve been thinking of you every step of the way through Nova Scotia! I chatted over breakfast with a Canadian couple who’ve just toured Prince Edward Island, further adding to my angst to go there (patience, patience!). I’m typing this message from a sweet garden bench, surrounded by flowers and sheltered from the heat (always a priority) by amazing trees. Thanks again for a wonderful visit. The Garden of the Gods was impressive, but not nearly as affecting as the friendship offered by you and your mom. I am definitely thankful for the opportunity to know you in “real life.”

    More later!

  7. I so enjoy your adventures. Keep spinning the tales, keep sharing the joy. : )

  8. Sarah-
    You are such a gifted writer- it was a joy to hear you articulate your love of books at the WH conference in Long Beach earlier this year. I have discovered some gems based on your recommendations! (Elizabeth Goudge recently)

    Thank you for your honesty and love of life- it’s contagious and wonderfully refreshing in my own life full of toddlers.

  9. I grew up in KY – we moved to OK a few years ago. To be able to come here and drink in your words – is a nice respite from a busy day of three girls six and under! I LOVE to come here and feel like I have been on a min vacation. I love how you see life – how you express it in words – you are SUCH a blessing! Sunshine

  10. Let us know how your book project is going!

    I saw that strange link was off. I have the same thing with Blogger except I can’t do anything about it.

    A friend clicked on the “Next Blog” link and it took him to a p*rn site. I told him I’d heard such things happen but there is no control so I just warn people not to click on it.

    Hmmm… I wonder if that makes people want to do it more, as when you tell a two year old “NO”.

    Anyway, just curious how the book is going.

  11. I’ve always imagined what it would be like to meet a fellow blogger in real life. Thanks for sharing such a delightful experience.

  12. Sarah

    Hey – thanks you all!

    Brenda – the whole extra link thing kinda stymies me. I should probably know how to control it but must say I don’t. I hate it that I can’t control what links are up. Sorry you found what you did!

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