Happy Sabbath

“I feel just now,” said Emily, who couldn’t bear to hide anything from her father, “that I don’t like God anymore.”
Douglas Starr laughed, the laugh that Emily liked best…
“Yes you do honey. You can’t help liking God. He is Love itself you know. You musn’t mix him up with Ellen Grere’s God, of course.”
Emily didn’t know exactly what Father meant. But all at once, she found she wasn’t afraid any longer, she felt as if love was all about her and around her, breathed out from some great, invisible Tenderness. One couldn’t be afraid where love was, and love was everywhere.

-Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery



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6 responses to “Happy Sabbath

  1. Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs & Emily’s Quest were 3 of my favorite books when I was a child. I have recently decided to re-read them because I know I will enjoy them so much as an adult. Thank you for the ‘reminder!’

  2. How sweet a reminder. Today my pastor shared of the blind man gaining sight. He shared how fear of what “might” happen is a form of blindness. I celebrate the day I “found [I] wasn’t afraid any longer, [I] felt as if love was all about [me] and around [me], breathed out from some great, invisible Tenderness. One couldn’t be afraid where love was, and love was everywhere.” What a delightful Sabbath celebration thought. Thanks! : )

  3. Hello, again, Sarah!

    I loved Emily of New Moon when I was little. I can’t find it now, though, at our library… 😦

    How is your writing coming? Your book?

    I’m afraid I’m back again with a tag, or rather a meme! Dear me, I hope you don’t think me bothersome, but I thought of you at once for it. It’s such that it’s very simple, but I knew you would find something beautiful to say…


  4. Kourtney

    Hi! My name’s Kourtney, and I’m thirteen. My mom and I were wondering who the artist is of the beautiful pictures on your header, and your post. I just LOVE them!!


    (By the way, we love, love, love your blog!!!)

  5. Helen

    Hi Sarah, I know you are busy. If you had a spare room to set up for schooling at home for two young girls how would you decorate it to inspire, and be delightful as well as academic and insightful? I’m going to do a music corner, art corner and a reading corner. Any tips are appreciated!!!! I want to make sure to incorporate beauty.
    Blessings from a Kindred Spirit,
    Much Love,

  6. Sarah

    Helen –

    I don’t know if you’ll see this, sorry I’m late on replying. But if I were setting it up, I would get some art prints (there are inexpensive, smaller prints in gallery stores or on the web) and put them up, I might stencil some great quotes in various places. I would make corners of craft/writing/academic supplies that made everything needed for creativity and thought accessible. I like to open art books and lay them out, I think hanging a big map of the world is fascinating, have a nature table where you can display outdoor finds, decorate with some international things… etc. Hope that helps!

    Kourtney – the artist is John William Waterhouse, a Pre-Raphaelite painter. Good luck finding some lovely prints!

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