God’s world, to me,

Is sometimes better than His word.

A heretic you say?

Then show me how a row of text,

Can echo grace like broad blue sky,

Will twelve-point type,

Trace mercy’s path as deftly as the stars?

Writer as I am, I must confess,

Words crumble with the burden,

Of my need,

To touch and taste and gasp,

God’s grace.

Cold terms of goodness sometimes leave me chilled,

An outcast,

From the thought they should reveal.

But wind,

Can breathe His mercy,

Sharp, like storm air fresh upon my face.

While all the black that stretches twixt the stars

Hints at the depth,

I keen to taste.

Words are bright… and brittle,

Sculpted ice that shimmers yet is frail,

Beneath the ray of light

Which is,

The speechless thought,

The nameless height and width and depth.,

Of Him…



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7 responses to “Better

  1. words do crumble at the feet of Him.
    thanks for sharing, in humble little words, how words can not express the magnitude of need to taste His grace. it is always good to remember His grandness exceeds my deepest explanations.

  2. Laure

    “A heretic you say?” … hardly!!!!!

    “Words crumble with the burden of my need to touch and taste and gasp God’s grace.” … yes, it is very much like this.

    see where WordPress tags about poetry will lead one? . . .

    never astray . . . .

  3. Jo

    So heartfelt and honest… deep in thought and beautiful in form.

  4. Though I revel with delight in dissecting meaning from a carefully wrought phrase or promise, I stand speechless in awe of a starry night. Your poem touches deep on fibers that knit my heart to God. As dust I meld in and rejoice.

  5. Hi, Sarah. I love your poem. I can identify with it in many respects. Not exactly the same subject, but a very similar sentiment is this poem by Lord Byron:

    There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
    There is a society where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roar.
    I love not man the less, but nature more.

  6. Interesting thought… having lived close to nature in the last few weeks out in the log home, I had the chance to see God manifest Himself through His creation. But when I sit down quietly and read His word, I savour yet another perspective of His magnificence.

    Paradoxically, it is through the literary that you’ve so effectively conveyed your thoughts to us, your reader, leading us to appreciate what cannot be expressed in words.

  7. Sarah

    Arti – I agree; quite paradoxical to express the limitation of words, in WORDS. Oddly enough that didn’t entirely hit me until after I posted it – (probably a good thing since I might have gotten flummoxed and neglected to finish the poem). I hope you are enjoying some great beauty wherever you are in nature!

    Steve- I read that once and had entirely forgotten it’s existence. How perfectly suited. Thank you! That is a quote I need in my quote box. And you could amend the last sentence to read “I love not words the less, but nature more.”

    Which, goes along with my thoughts, in agreement with several of you, that I do gain a great pleasure from words, and in many ways, find myself defined by their presence in my life, especially as a writer. But nature embodies, in a way that text never can, the brooding emotions and inarticulate faiths that seethe at my core. It pictures what I can never say.

    Thanks for the comments you all!

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