Sunny woes

You would probably laugh if you could see me right now. I’ve been laughing myself… when I’m not wincing. Who could have known that just an hour on the patio of a coffee shop in the mountain sun would turn my left arm a nice ripe shade of magenta? If I’d known, I’d at least have given the other one a chance to get colorful too. Sigh. I try. so. hard. to be sophisticated. Oh well.

The only remedy for this predicament I know is to be outside even more than usual and let the other side get a bit pink (the idea of a tan is something at which my Scottish skin merely blushes), and throw sophistication to the cool rush of summer wind. Besides, being sunburned means the full glory of golden days really has come. Summer, my starlight and campfires and sunburns love, you are here!

With that thought in my happy head and the idea that I might get a bit more color, I drove to the upper slopes of the foothills near my old house last night. There is a dusty red snake of a road up the side of what we call Mt. Herman and I strolled it as a storm flooded in. There is such a magic to being high enough up a mountain to watch the entire eastern sky surge with thunder in a dozen different colors. I watched the first lightning snap through the darkness of un-spilled rain, saw the last fierce sunlight flee up the sides of vast thunderheads leaving crimson tracks of smoldering light, felt the gathering run of wind and the first tremble of earth. And I felt, as I often do, that I was lacking a few extra senses to really comprehend the shocking grandeur. I’m looking forward to gaining those in eternity.

So, you see, I’ve had a colorful week! Literally, and spiritually that is. Glory be!



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5 responses to “Sunny woes

  1. Stephanie was lamenting over the phone last night about the fact she had to purchase a bathing suit. They are going on vacation in August with her in-laws and J.’s brother and sister-in-law (who live in Ireland and will be visiting).

    The rest of the family decided they wanted a week at the beach. Stephanie does not like the beach. Partly because she has to keep four little ones from drowning but it also has a lot to do with the fact she burns in just a couple of minutes. 🙂

    She and I used to visit the shores of Lake Michigan when she was little. We always had to go quite early in the morning. Otherwise we both looked like lobsters… cooked… well done. Sigh

    She much preferred our vacation last month where we spent a week in Amish country, visiting the tea room and “quaint country stores”. Not to mention eating way too much at the Amish restaurants. However, her in laws are very nice people so I’m certain she will enjoy the time, even if she has wear a huge hat and perhaps find a mu-mu (do they make those outside of Hawaii, anymore?).

    I’m sure you are lovely, even if well roasted. Who would have thought visiting a coffee shop could be so, um… colorful?

  2. Hello, Sarah!

    I’ve been a reader for a while now. Your’s was the first blog I ever really read… I admired your way with words, delighted how you wove them together, every post a beautiful work of art. 🙂

    I love the way you describe the seasons and the beauty of God’s creation. Visiting here is a reminder of the beauty in the world, and a favorite haunt o’mine.

    I’m sorry that you were, um..’painted’, I hope it fades soon!

    Hopefully I’ll be commenting more..



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  4. Annie

    This is so funny. You just can’t feel it happening before it’s too late! It reminds me of my drive out to see you- my left arm was hanging out the window the whole afternoon driving N with the sun full west. By the time I got to your house it was a nice reddy color 🙂 So I suppose it happens to most people once or twice.. gives a nice personal chuckle 😉 Happy afternoon to you!!

  5. Sarah,

    Yesterday whilst out shopping (the mundane sort of shopping for necessities sp.?) I was reminded of this post as my daughter and I walked back to our car. My daughter having the full abandondement (spelling? again – it is early morning here!) of an almost three year old wanted to run across the the lovely memorial park next to the car park rather than skirt round the edges on the pavement. I joined her in the “run”, and how good it felt. I’m quite sure Mt. Herman is much grander than the memorial park we ran through, but the “lacking of extra senses” you spoke of really rang true yesterday as I tried to keep up with my daughter. I think if I was younger I would have rolled around on the grass too – and like you mentioned in a previous post somewhere on here – I would have gone barefoot too!


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