A small shelter

I picked my first summer bundle of wildflowers today.

There is a sweet green twist of a path that runs behind our row of houses and I ambled down it today when the air was still and grey above the mountains. I always feel that I am trespassing on this little universe of elusive, tiny things; star-like daisies the size of my baby fingernail, dwarf butterflies of periwinkle that flit around my clumsy feet, and the first, timid lupines of the gentlest blue. It is a little world enclosed by slender young aspens, and staid young firs of already unyielding green. It makes me feel small again myself to enter it; I like that. I like to feel that there is a border to my world once in awhile, and that I am kept safe within it, amidst its castle keeps of trees and its riches of meadow grass. So I chose that path today and took it slow, my fingers caressing the new velvet of scrub oak leaves and the first, slender cords of blue and gold from which I wove my bouquet.

I came back when the air was getting ominously still and the sky a little too grey, housed my newfound flowers in crystal and set them on my windowsill. Having poured a strong cup of tea, I then sat in the summer gloom to watch them and love their haphazard grace and feel very happy. To behold them there on the severe white of my windowseat in the strong, dark light of a coming storm was a sort of nourishment. It did me good; I felt stronger in spirit when I rose. I must admit to being a little tired of late, as all the piled up days of craze have finally heaped themselves on my unsuspecting head. As I pursue my fled energy, I have found great shelter in the respites of small, new summer beauties. I felt like a footsore soldier who stumbled upon unexpected refuge when i walked my path today. And the flowers I brought back with me were like the last bits of a feast laid out to hearten my weary bones. It feels a long hike sometimes back to normalcy but the nourishment of small, freely given grace from the earth and from the people around me, hearten me in the journey.

I hope you find some heartening today as well, my good friends.



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5 responses to “A small shelter

  1. I’m glad you had a refreshing bit of time today! You are so wonderful, and I’m filled with joy when I think of you!! I hope you enjoy a somewhat peaceful rest of the summer, filled with a great many flowers and lovely days. All love, Annie

  2. Emily

    I too found some unexpected joy today… beautiful, poetic post, gypsy Sarah!

  3. That sounds like a lovely walk in an artistically nourishing place. You find good ways to let beauty be beautiful.

  4. Eve

    Sarah, do you ever read these comments? I like your blog, but sometimes I wonder if you actually ever come back and try conversations with people.

    It makes me sad when you don’t.

  5. Sarah

    Hi Eve,

    I do read and greatly appreciate all the comments posted. They are always delightful to my heart; I feel very encouraged in life and writing. I’m sorry if I haven’t really expressed how much I love the interaction of my readers – I would never want any of you lovely people to think that I take your words and interest for granted.

    But I will readily admit that I am not great at being regular at blogging or responding to comments. I have occasionally tried responding to some of the comments and have often felt that I failed by not responding more. But my life is in a pretty crazy season and I kinda feel proud just to manage posting semi regularly!

    I apologize if I have seemed uncaring. I’ll hope and try for better in the future. Grace to you.

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