This Good Day

This good day
It is a gift from you.
The world is turning in its place,
Because you made it to.
I lift my voice,
To sing a song of praise,
On this good day.
(Fernando Ortega)

Hello my friends! I guess I took a long, and rather unannounced hiatus from blogging. Sorry about that. I ended up driving up to Boston with my brother so he could catch an audition at a great school in Boston, and then got home to a determined last fling of effort into finishing books, proposals, and blog designs. But a lot has been put to rest now, and I’m in a space of very welcome stillness after the storm.

I’m full of this summer sun joy lately – a combination I think of days all dappled with thunder and growing light. Summer has almost come. I had my first picnic the other day, carefully carted out to the upper slopes of Mt. Herman (one of the foothills near my house) where we ate summery, vegetable and fruit sort of things with a pearl and gold sunset filling the bowl of the eastern horizon. Joy is setting out a garden, there are daffodils in the yard (they grow late here!). Long, long hikes after dinner. Open windows. Ah. A new set of pleasures is taking its place.

I think my favorite thing of late though, is the cool blue thrill of early summer mornings. I wake up at dawn these days, my window open to the birds and have more time than I have in forever to immerse my brain in Scripture. I am loving it, loving, loving it. I finished the first half of Isaiah the other day, and now am studying God’s covenant throughout the Bible.

I am sorry to admit that I had very much let my daily loving of God’s word slip away during the craziness of travel in the past months. I have a lot of thoughts to eventually think out here about that. But the result of a new devotion to devotions has been this sense of life; one I have almost never felt, welling up in me as the words become thought and the thought becomes life, and the life is inhabited by God’s love. I feel as if my heart is reflective of the summer world – there’s so much more light of late, I find it early and it stays late and it grows a smidgen more every day. I’m excited.

So I guess I’ll end this first entry back with a hearty wish that you will find light on this good day; a burgeoning gladness of summer and spirit.



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5 responses to “This Good Day

  1. Hi Sarah! Welcome back 🙂 Love, Q

  2. Jennifer

    Such beautiful words are well worth waiting for!
    Welcome Back!

  3. Good to read more of your inspiring writing…I believe it all comes from a good relationship with your God, and your family. Talking about good relationships, especially among family members, I witnessed a moving episode last week and you’re welcome to stop by. Again, glad to hear from you again.

  4. sarah
    though it sounds like you have been utterly present in other beautiful places, welcome back to this space. glad you got to travel, glad you are excited, glad to read your words.
    in hope.

  5. What a happy surprise to see you back! It sounds like your time away has been fruitful and fun. As others have already expressed, it’s good to hear your voice again.

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