Isaiah Spring

Branch etched air,
Bears blue,
Like smoke before an altar,
And the birds,
Awhir with laughter call out,
Holy, holy, holy

Snow carved boughs
Grow gold,
Like coins of countless treasure,
And the fields
A-filled with lilies claim as,
Lord, the God of Hosts

Wind hewn hills,
Spill green,
In torrents through the valley,
And the woods,
Aflood in leaf buds say,
The earth is full, full, full

First spring dawn,
Runs red,
Like blood through brightened faces
And the sky,
Afire, is seared with fervent traces,
Of His glory, glory, glory

(This is what comes of studying Isaiah for three hours on a Saturday afternoon, followed by a long ramble through springtime fields with daffodils…)



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5 responses to “Isaiah Spring

  1. sarah.
    what a pleasant monday evening moment. glad to see you back.

    “full full full”… i also feel the pregnant beauty of spring bursting forth from every branch

  2. Hi Sarah! It’s lovely. Hearts are springing here as well… Love, Q

  3. That was just beautiful, Sarah. Thanks for reminding me of both the natural and the spiritual spring.

  4. Jo

    Absolutely beautiful and deeply moving, Sarah.

  5. Thank you for your poetry, Sarah…a moment of worship for me.

    Your poem of four stanzas of six lines made me wonder, so out of curiosity I looked up Isaiah 4:6. The closest Bible at hand was Today’s English Version, and it said this: “His glory will shade the city from the heat of the day and make it a place of safety, sheltered from the rain and storm.”

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