Last day fun


Matching shawls!
(Can’t you see us as romantic Victorian writers? A lot of silliness goes into the creative process of a good book. )

One more writing day, one more long walk (or three) down windy, fir-lined paths with a few daffodils, one more leisurely cup of coffee and one more great Asheville meal (last night’s pan-fried trout with mountain blackberries will be hard to beat) and then back to the real world (gulp). Thank you all, wonderful people, for the great restaurant recommendations and all the fun words! I like knowing there are so many kindred spirits in the world. We’ll try one more outstanding cafe tonight to end our retreat (we really enjoyed Early Girl Eatery last night). More soon, but for now, here’s a good morning to you all from our last Asheville day; it’s sunny and cool and I found springtime shooting up all around me on my morning walk. What a wonderful place to be.



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5 responses to “Last day fun

  1. cchemm2002

    If you’re a chocolate lover, The Chocolate Fetish (36 Haywood St.) has the absolute best truffles ever! My hubby and I order a box of 12 to celebrate all of life’s special occasions. Enjoy your last day! ~Claire

  2. Debbie in CA : )

    I’m taking notes … My sister and I HAVE to check this place out. It sounds positively YUMMY! Thank you for opening up and sharing about your wonderful Asheville Days. I am grinding along here with ortho appts, math tests, and all the rest, but a quick peek at your blog and I’m inspired to go gather an armful of daffodils (and I do). Enjoy your day TO THE FULLEST! : )

  3. I agree with the other poster “a quick peek at your blog and I’m inspired…”

    I am sure I won’t be the first to say that the photo is lovely!


  4. Hi Sarah (and Sally, too)! Praying that this last day will be a glorioius one… Love, Q

  5. We still talk about the trout we had just outside of Ashland (on our honeymoon).

    We have compared all fish dinners to that one!

    Praying a safe trip for you.

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