This morning I…

photo-111.jpgWoke late to the blue shadows, lit a candle in crystal and stretched my soul muscles to this hymn.

Walked down vine-framed streets to watch a pale, golden light rise on the far-off hills.

Drank coffee, lots of it (specially flavored with salt and cinnamon), and nibbled at strawberries and banana bread.

Read this luminescent passage from Elizabeth Goudge quoting John Donne: And so, good people, ‘we will speak of that which is older than our beginning and shall overlive our end, the mercy of God. Nay, to say that mercy was first is but to post-date mercy; to prefer mercy but so is to diminish mercy. The names of first or last derogate from it, for first and last are but rags of time, and His mercy hath no relation to time, no limitation in time. It is not first or last but everlasting.’

Took this picture using my computer. (It was the best I could manage for now.)

Managed to finish three mini-essays.

Laughed with my mom (about too many things to number).

Draped my shoulders with my cream-colored scarf (the little writing porch is rather chill) and felt appropriately old-fashioned in this creaky, adorable house.

Wished all of you a springtime sort of day.



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8 responses to “This morning I…

  1. Hi Sarah – sounds like a lovely morning! Love, Q

  2. Debbie in CA : )

    What a delight to read about writers writing and joyfully living life. I used to read the news each morn; now I read a bit of life lived joyfully as I sip my morning cuppa tea. I love stopping by to see you. (My sister lives in NC; mayhap we should meet in Asheville the next time we make a sisterly date?) Enjoy the time with your mom and thank you for sharing a *glimpse* of lovely life. : )

  3. Jo

    I feel as if I’m there! So glad you’ve escaped to this peaceful nook of the world!
    – Jo

  4. I greatly enjoy reading your posts, Sarah, and I’m not usually in the habit of just dropping a comment in on someone’s blog just because I read the post. But I had to stop and write a note here when I read your quote from Elizabeth Goudge.

    I discovered her works about sixteen years ago when they were still available in my local public library. I began with “The Dean’s Watch,” which is still my *absolute*, hands-down favorite, and then systematically began collecting as many out-of-print copies as I could find. And all these years later, I still love to go back to my bookcase, pull one of these beloved friends down off the shelf, and immerse myself in her world.

    What a treasure you have found in Elizabeth Goudge!

    (*NOT* to be confused with Eileen Goudge!)

  5. I was sorely disappointed to find that Barnes & Noble doesn’t carry Goudge’s books–she’s still on my list of your recommendations from the TX conference, though, and I guess I’ll be hitting up Amazon to find her!

    Your trip sounds lovely 🙂

  6. geektechnique

    Ah, sounds like a wonderful morning. Salt and cinnamon flavored coffee? Hmmm I will have to try that out.

  7. To Sarah of comment #5 –

    I was thrilled to see on Amazon that some of her works have been recently republished in the past few years!

    But for those Goudge works that are out of print, you almost might try or They also re-sell through, but you actually get faster service going directly through their websites.

    Another Goudge recommendation – Pilgrim’s Inn. It’s part of a trilogy she wrote about a family.

    Happy hunting!

  8. Sarah

    You all are so lovely to leave such nice comments.

    Merri- yes! A fellow lover of Goudge! I find that though she seems not to be very well known, when she is, she is adored. I’ve read Pilgrim’s Inn, it might be my favorite. I love the Dean’s Watch too, am looking forward to reading City of Bells as I’ve heard it’s quite wonderful. Thanks for commenting!

    Sarah- yeah, B&N really should carry her books. Someone ought to put all of them back in print. But, they are pretty easy to find on Ebay (I’ve gotten several of mine there), and I’ve also managed to find a few at library sales and used bookstores (usually in the most forgotten corners).

    Ryan- salt and cinnamon, it really is surprisingly good! I don’t know how much they use though… I need to find out before I leave…

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