Well, I am in one of my favorite places on this wide earth. For a few days I get to shove my book deadline aside and breathe again. I’m still working, ghostwriting on one of my mom’s books, but it is incredibly easier to write stuff for other people, a great paradox of artistry. My mom and I started coming to this artsy, mountain blessed town about five years ago and fell into an unexpected love for it. A hysterical story (which deserves a better telling than I currently have to give) landed us at an old B&B called the Wright Inn, which the owner loved since we were there to write (you know, “writers” at the “Wright” inn…) Since then, we’ve come back two or three times and now feel that this is a sort of alternate, perhaps ideal, home.

I don’t know why I love it here so much; it is an inexplicable weaving of fondness made up of nature love (the blue wreathed mountains and the forests, and the barren trees in winter…), a delight in the artsy nooks and gourmet corners all around town, my downright affection for the old neighborhood here with its gigantic old houses with their beveled glass windows. I don’t know; there’s just a tang of artistry, a flavor of beauty and life lived well, and slowly, that we enter when we visit. Sometimes its hard to be quiet, to rest at home. Here, I can allow myself a better, deeper breath (of blue spring air no less). Long, long walks in frosty twilights midst the shadow of long-lived houses. Lingering breakfasts at a corner, organic cafe with the matchless name of Honey Tupelo’s. Prayer; slowly, sweetly thought and lifted up to this very kind God who brought me here for these days.

Ahhh. And anyway. I’m brewing up a good post on God’s love. I’ve been stewing on it for days and there’s finally a gathering coherency to my thoughts. So I’ll write again soon. But for now, I bid you a lovely good evening from the twilight of the Wright House in old Asheville. The stars are just beginning to sing…



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12 responses to “Asheville

  1. sarah
    if it is asheville, nc you are so fondly loving, may I suggest you pop into Tupelo Honey for dinner and Early Girl Eatery for breakfast? Perhaps you savvy ladies have already discovered these fantastic bites, but if not, it would be a pity to miss them.
    we heart asheville, too.

  2. I think my own pulse just slowed down, reading your words! My husband lived in NC for several years, and he loves it still. (By the way, he says there’s a great fresh Mexican restaurant downtown called “Salsa” or something like that, that he recommends.)

    I pray that your time there will be refreshing!

    (And I just read the comment before mine and realized we’re in the same vein–much good food there!)

  3. Anonymous

    I’m incrediblely jealous right now, just so you know! Wish I could be there with you! ๐Ÿ™‚ If I go to school there, you must come stay/live with me for a while and we’ll sweep the town ๐Ÿ™‚
    So glad all of your writings are coming along so well.

  4. Annie

    (Oh sorry, that above was from me as well… forgot to sign my name!

  5. I agree, if it is Asheville, NC then you are indeed very fortunate.

    I honeymooned in Asheville, just two weeks after turning twenty years old. That was long ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since my new hubby was studying for his Master’s Degree in Wood Science and Furniture Engineering, we thought we’d be moving to North Carolina after his graduation. God, instead, sent us to Michigan where it is cold and it snows… a lot.

    Asheville is absolutely charming.

  6. Sarah

    You all are so much fun!

    Honey Tupelo’s… check. Had the biscuit eggs benedict and blackberry jam french toast on challah and thought we’d died and gone to heaven.

    Easy Girl Eatery tomorrow night.

    I’m checking out “Salsa”.

    You all simply must all be kindred spirits if you like Asheville like I do.

    Thanks you all!

  7. Sarah,
    I’ve lived in Asheville for almost 6 years now… it is very friendly and calming. I moved from San Francisco. People thought I was nutty. The life style in Asheville is much mellower, can be dreamy. I spent my first week here sitting on the porch with my cats when possible, just waving to passers by. Good spirit here for sure.

    I have a few more eateries for you…

    Mela- authentic indian cuisine (spicy).

    Table- fresh local in season style ala Chez Pannisse… I had a celery root/apple soup with a dollop of curried sweet lump crab on top the other night…really good!

    Rezzaz- mediterranean inspired modern fusion, relatively expensive for Asheville but always a treat.

    Stop into Rosetta’s for a vegetarian lunch or dinner.

    Good luck with the writing.

    A plug, my wife is a realtor here in Asheville, in case you totally fall in love with the place… I’ll spare you the spam here…. but contact me if need her info.

    Have a great stay.

  8. Hi Sarah – Asheville is one of our favorite spots! For years my sweet husband and I celebrated New Years there, and we still love to visit when we can. We just live down the mountain a bit, so it’s not far. Hope that you have a lovely time! Love, Q

  9. Hey, no one has mentioned the Laughing Seed. It’s down there in the heart of things just a few blocks from Malaprops, the book store.

  10. Sarah

    killerbee – wow, what great recommendations! Can I just say out front that I am hugely jealous you get to live here? I am going to have to come back now just to try all your suggestions. And, I won’t hide the fact that I’ve thought of Asheville before… so I’ll keep your wife’s name in my back pocket just in case. Thanks for commenting.

    Steve- I passed Malaprop’s last night – had bookmarked its page awhile back because it looked like such a great, original sort of bookstore. I’ll check out the Laughing Seed. Thanks for stopping by.

    Quinne- I didn’t know you loved it here too and that you are somewhat close, how fun!

  11. Great article – wish I could add or comment further to this.
    But it is early morning here in Aussie and Iโ€™m a little hungover.

  12. I am glad to read that you and your mom had a good time here and we hope to see you again soon.


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