A gypsy’s studio

One of the things I love best about my little black Apple laptop is the fact that with it, and a few books, I can create a writing studio just about anywhere. Something about the cold (and probably the whirling tornado of details) at home has driven me out to various nooks and crannies of coffee shops to accomplish my writing for the week.

I meandered downtown today, dappled sky overhead, Josh Groban as soundtrack. I made my way to a little coffee shop in old Colorado city called Agia Sophia. It’s run in part (I think) by the local Orthodox church, and is a delightful spot for study and contemplation. I am in the second story bit of the shop, the unofficial study center. A studious hush pervades this big old room with the cool grey light slanting in through its narrow windows from the mountainsides. But there is warmth; in the red of the walls, in the weathered brown of the leather couches and old tables. Dimmed light glints off old brass and the gold of frames cradling rich, eastern paintings. Delicately carved bookshelves line the walls, crammed with theology and philosophy, and a tantalizing assortment of fiction. There is music; a rare combination of classical, George Winston, and when I first came in, the rich, harmonic chant of Scripture.

I am trying desperately to finish a solid draft of my book on books by March 1st, so I am typing away. But I thought I’d say hello to you all from this adopted studio o’ mine. I wish you dappled day light, vanilla tea (like me), and a space in which to think long, winter day thoughts.



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5 responses to “A gypsy’s studio

  1. Oh, how I need such a place right now. I crawled off the sofa just for a few minutes to check my favorite blogs.

    Perhaps by the end of the week I can drop my son off for his classes and mosey on over to Panera, the best place in my town to read and ponder (except for when the lunch crowd is there)… soft jazz playing in the background, never ending cups of coffee, an orange scone… wonderful.

    I’m looking forward to reading your book when it is finished. I’m reading The Christian Imagination right now. It’s absolutely delicious, some essays are meant to be read quickly while others are savored slowly, paragraph by paragraph.

  2. geektechnique

    Wow It sounds like you have indeed found a place conducive to thinking and writing. I love rooms or places like that. Happy writing!

  3. That sounds like a truly delicious day…one of many, I hope!

  4. Love your blog! You have such a beautiful soul refreshing way with words! 🙂

  5. Tami

    I am listening to Josh Groban right now as I read your blog! Love his music; it brings me to tears.

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