Winter Fragility

Fine lace woven by the rising day and coming night. Pearl in morning, blue at even, dappled by the racing storms. Gold at noon and cream at dusk, diamond at the clearest dawns.

Fragile garment of the cold, swiftly spun of elfin thread. Pure for but an instant, strong for just a starlit night. Then rent by sun and foot and coming day.

Jewels dropped from a treasure chest of sky, glittering on branch and field and long-tipped pine. Glory for an instant, diamonds swiftly stolen by the sun.

Fierce for a snap, mad for an hour and then… gone. Rebel clouds netted by guardian winds; sifted by sunlight to a fine strewn dust that scatters through the blue of clearing day.



Filed under Musings, Poetry

7 responses to “Winter Fragility

  1. Jo

    A work of impeccably beauty, Sarah!

  2. Wow, Sarah. What an intricate taste of winter!

    “Glory for an instant, diamonds swiftly stolen by the sun.”

    I just love that.

  3. This is good writing, Sarah. I sat very still as I read it, trying not to disrupt the momentary wonderland you evoked.

  4. So pretty, Sarah! Love, Q

  5. Michelle

    I love your discriptions!

  6. Jackie in Australia

    Hello Sarah,

    I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I’ve believed in God all my life and have always considered myself a Christian, but I feel now as though you’ve introduced me to God. Your words ring clear and true and God has surely touched my heart through you.

    It’s almost as if I’ve been holding my breath all this time, and now I can breathe. So I thank you.

    With love and blessings,

  7. gwen

    Your Winter Fragility seemed beautifully apt as I read it ice bound here in Ky tonight. Your writing is so beautiful. Your soul is beautiful gwen

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