Happy New Year!

A new year dawns.

I love the way that the light pierces the heart of the picture below, a single stream winnowing its way through tangled branches and solemn trees. And the children run to greet it; I love it that they run. They are called by the new light and it sets a path before them and they know that there is much to be found if they will run simply ahead, unafraid. That’s how I intend to meet the new tomorrow. New tomorrows are grand, terrifying, dull, intriguing things, a paradox of hopes and fears into which we wake with each sunrise. Looking back on this year, with its travels and prayers, it’s days of restless waiting followed by weeks of busyness, I am struck with how little I know either what to expect or ask for. I’ve prayed desperate prayers in the past year and found them answered in ways I never expected. Some of my tomorrows were singing days, some were a waking up to an unrelieved darkness. But there was a grace walking beside me through it all, and no matter what the day behind had brought, there was always the light of a new tomorrow calling me forward.
And that’s how I feel about this coming year; there is something calling me from over the hill of the coming days, a light beckoning me to run toward it. Who knows what I’ll find. But no matter what awaits, new dawns are always worth chasing, new beginnings are always an echo of the first creation. I sometimes think God’s brilliance in creating our days so that they are ever new is quite lost on us short-sighted humans. So for once, I’ll take notice of the great grace of new beginnings. I’ll meet this new year with a curtsy and a twirl and eyes that are eager to meet the grace of advancing seasons and dappled days and quiet, mysterious joys. Seems a pretty grand adventure if you ask me.
And so, as you crest the hill of a new day, I hope that you may be met by the light of hope calling you forward. Thanks for your friendly words throughout the year, for your comradeship in thought. May the coming days brim with new grace for you all. Happy new year!



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  1. joydancer

    I loved this post and this picture. Makes me feel hopeful. I pray your year holds an abundance of blessings and tresures that fill your heart’s desire.

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