Good Grief

Well that was quite a month! One minute I’m lounging in my red chair amidst flickering candles feeling the depth of luxurious contemplation (quite sure that this Christmas would finally be a restful one), and the next thing I know it is the 28th of December, with Christmas flown by in a typhoon of blustery days and I’m sitting here again with two feet of snow glaring in at the window and a soul that still hasn’t quite caught its breath. It was certainly a memorable Christmas season, beginning with a panicked trip to the ER with my mom for a kidney infection, the shootings, friends in crisis and a whirlwind five days of driving to Kentucky and back to be with Gwen for our traditional Christmas (the last half of which we drove at night, on Kansas plains, in a blizzard… fun!). I don’t know that I’ve ever had such an interesting holiday. One is enough.

And yet, as always, there was goodness in amidst the rush. We managed a peaceful Christmas Eve with our traditional Shepherd’s Meal (a peasant’s meal of potato soup, herb bread and cheese eaten in a house entirely darkened except for candlelight to put us in the same soulish mood as the shepherd’s for the reading of the Christmas story), and a pleasant Christmas day amidst family and one of my mom’s “adopted” sons. Since we are the Clarksons, we exchanged gifts mostly of books and music (with a few delightful exceptions such as perfume!) and spent the rest of our holiday pouring over our new treasures. The highlight however, was Joy’s big surprise present of a mini karaoke set. You should have seen us (heard is more like it) as we belted out our best broadway imitations!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in what seems an eternity. I have so appreciated your comments and prayers and am glad to be finally back as we enter the (hopefully) saner month of January. I’m eager to write, eager to delve into new books and thoughts. I have a stack of George MacDonald books by my bed of late (reviews coming soon), two gorgeous new art books on the Pre-Raphaelites and British countryside artists and a fascinating book on the education and nurture of children’s souls. I’ll be writing soon. For now, here is a hearty hello to you all. I hope you are enjoying these limbo days between Christmas and the brave new year. Peace to you all.

And as Galadriel would have it, Namarie!



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2 responses to “Good Grief

  1. Jo

    Welcome back to the blogging world, Sarah! Your writings are so beautiful, inspiring and whisper such delights in the readers ears. Savor the glory of Winter while it lasts and keep on writing!

  2. Glad to have you back and read your account of your experience in the past weeks…things begin to feel normal again.

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