The Long Due Reward…

About a month ago, Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me awarded me a blogging award. Like her, I have decided to pass it on to a single person. There are many blogs I read that cause me to think deeply, to question, to live well. But there is only one blog written by the person who taught me how to do it day by day by day. I am giving this award to my mom over at her blog I Take Joy.

I have to name my mom because if we are going to discuss discipleship, well, she lives it. Beyond being simply my well-beloved mom and friend, she has made the mentoring of me a specific work throughout my growing up years. The reading of Scripture, the taking of long, exhilarating walks, the discussion of ideas, the exultation in beauty; she began it with me. But it is a work that she has extended to so many other women as well, especially through her writing and more lately through her blog.

The picture in her header on the site was taken on a rare family outing to Laguna Beach when we were out there for our conference. We had rambled for hours, climbing rocks, finding strange creatures and turquoise shells in the tidal pools. As the sun went down and we swished back through the sand, we were all suddenly running and laughing and my mom turned around and held out her arms… and was caught on camera by my brother Joel. That picture captures the essence of joy that has so blessed my life and filled it and the lives of a lot of other people.

So here’s to you Mom! You deserve many awards. But mostly I hope that all the beauty you’ve poured into us will be poured back into you.

 I Take Joy!




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3 responses to “The Long Due Reward…

  1. susan501

    Excellent choice!


  2. joydancer

    I could not be more honored. It is you who have made the process of discipleship and beloved companionship my own, deep and fulfilling joy. Heartfelt thanks for all that you are and for all that you do and for loving and encouraging me! May God continue to give wind to your wings–that He might fulfill your dreams and desires.

  3. I am in full agreement with you Sarah! Your mother is certainly due this award as are you, and I’m glad to find both of you in possession of it! I am sure you have greatly blessed her not just through giving her this award, but throughout your entire life. May Christ’s spirit be ever with you as you and your family serve His kingdom.
    – Jo

    “We never know how high we are

    Till we are called to rise;

    And then, if we are true to plan,

    Our statures touch the skies.”

    Emily Dickenson

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