Why, thank you!


I feel downright glad and humble all at once. Brenda, at her lovely blog Coffee, Tea, Books and Me, has passed on the Mathetes blogging award to me, originated over at the Management By God blog. It is for “excellence in discipleship”, and it is a deep grace to me because it both reminds and refreshes the spirit in which I write, books or blog.

I’ve thought a lot about the idea of discipleship of late. I have just joined the ministry to highschool aged kids at my church and I have been convicted again and again as I have gone through their discipleship training. They have rearranged their entire program in order to be able to put personal mentors with small groups of kids. Once I have finished their training, I hope to have a group of ten girls to teach, to love, and really, to walk with as they learn what it means to know our wild and beautiful God.  As I prepare to teach them, I have thought a lot about what it means to be a discipler. It involves the teaching of Scripture of course, prayer and worship, the basics of Christian faith. But it is also far more than that; I think it is a day-by-day infusion of love, of discipline, of grace into the lives I have been given. I want my girls, whoever they are, to know Scripture, but I also want them to live richly. I want them to walk into my home and be comforted as well as taught. I want to companion them in their struggles with loneliness or doubt, celebrate their delights, expand the eyes of their souls to perceive the beauty that is always near them. Discipleship is a beautiful thing. It is life, lived fully in God, poured into the hearts with which God entrusts us.

And I think that’s what this blog is meant to be as well. I am certainly not hugely knowledgeable; I struggle daily and often hourly. But I can record the beauty I have seen. I can repeat the whispers of grace I find in Scripture, pass on the strength I find in relationships. I can share the color that rises up like grace in nature, in song, in the small rhythms of these dusty, priceless days. I can live a bit of my life and pour a bit of grace into the words that fill this blog.

So thank you Brenda, for so graciously passing on this award. You encourage me greatly with your blog and your words. Grace to you and so many thanks!

P.S. – I’m pondering who to pass this award onto as well…



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5 responses to “Why, thank you!

  1. Well done on your award!

    I also have to say that if you had wanted this blog to be a form of discipleship, well you have definately made it so with your honesty and uplifting words!. I also think that it is so much better to admit the hourly struggle as well as the beauty seen as you put it…….it certainly makes better disciples of “us” out here who read your blog!!.

    Oh, and I love the painting you picked for today, its gorgeous!


  2. Emily

    If anyone deserves this award, it most certainly you, Sarah! Your blog is picturesque in everything from the layout to your writings, and I pray that Lord will continue to draw close to you as you bless your readers with your writer’s wisdom.
    Happy autumn!
    Emily Rose

  3. Debbie in CA : )

    Why I can’t think of a better place for this award to be awarded. Congrats! : ) I received my Loreena McKennit cds yesterday and I was delightfully surprised at the simplicity of the beautiful tunes. (Her latest cd is quite different.) Thank you for sharing your enthusiatic review of Loreena — our music library has benefitted. Lastly, this afternoon my 12-year-old daughter read your post “I Will Be Autumn” just prior to our Friday-literary-discussion-over-tea. She came down with dancing eyes and a broad kindred smile. She LOVED it! Lydia is my poet. (She has read your books and enjoyed them very much.) We sat at the window, teacups of “baked apple” tea in hand, and enjoyed the dance of raindrops and gentle wind through the myriad hues of autumn. We discussed your prose along with the thoughts and poems of many others. It was a rich time. Once again, I thank you for sharing your thoughts so freely and so beautifully.

  4. Congratulations, Sarah! Love, Q

  5. Well-deserved 🙂

    I just noticed my blog on your blogroll; thank you!

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