Small graces

These are the small graces,
The little moments when the miracles come…

I always loved the Bob Bennett song, Small Graces. I hear it as a philosophy of life; the choice to collect pennies and crimson leaves and birdsong like treasure. I suppose if I were to look at the world like that, I would find myself a wealthy woman. But that would only happen if I actually saw all those little jewels, which, being an intuitive with my head solidly in the clouds, I usually don’t. So I’ve decided to make this my day of reclamation; the day of small graces. I think it’s because I’ve discovered quite a few of late, little kindnesses that make life surprisingly good. I always find myself astonished (though I know I shouldn’t be) by the way God arranges details so graciously, but it makes life worth the living. So here, cupped in the hands of my thought, are the tiny jewels of grace I’ve recently found:

1. Friendly people. Imagine that. I’m just beginning to volunteer with the discipleship program my church runs for kids in highschool and I walked into the orientation meeting last night all geared up for another evening of trying very hard to make friends. But I didn’t have to try. On girl just took me under her wing, we chatted, laughed, she introduced me to a bunch of her gals and we went to the service together. I met guys, girls, leaders, all friendly, all outreaching. And I know its silly but its a huge grace to me. I have tried to so hard to find community and have so often failed, that their smiles and easy conversation last night were as good as God hugging me. Sometimes, I really do think simple friendliness equals godliness.

2. Autumn Catalogues. I get in a nesting mood come October. It’s when I like to pile catalogues with really good books and wares and homey sort of things by my chair and page through in ridiculous leisure. Right now I have Eerdman’s Fall Catalogue, The Victorian Trading Company, and The Vermont Country Store autumn edition in the basket by my chair. Let the daydreams begin.

3. Honeycrisp Apples. Have you tried one? Crisp. Sweet. And bright red. Everything an apple is supposed to be. They’re my favorite and I’ve got a bowl of them sitting on my windowsill.

4.  A Book for Writers. It is a rare thing indeed for a book to make me laugh so hard that I nearly snort over my salad in a restaurant. Being rather introverted by nature, this is a rare occurrence but the way this author captures the quirks and insanities of writers was so hysterically funny I couldn’t help myself. If you read, be forewarned, there’s a bit of language and more mature themes, but I find the healthy self-deprecation and rare humor so comforting. I don’t feel quite so strange anymore. And boy does that book make me giggle.

5. Cool air. A simple thing, I know, but this means I can walk any time in the day I please and not sweat. I hate being hot. But I love being out in the gold of sunlight and turning aspen trees. And somehow, I feel as if I can smell the trees when the air is chill, it makes a sort of incense.

6. Wikimedia Commons. Have you visited? I don’t know if this will be as cool to anyone else, but I love the vast, unending hoard of copyright free art. I can post it anytime I want! And it’s such a fun place to explore. Take for example, the picture under my art widget today. Is it not bewitchingly cute?

7. Caramel Macchiatoes and Chai Tea from various coffee shops. I get a lot more writing done with one of those steaming spicy inspiration under my nose. There really is at least one secret trick to writing well: hot drinks.

I could go on, but I’d better stop. Another, rather larger grace of late in my life is the chance to propose five, yes five (I know, I’m crazy) books to a publisher here in town. Considering I have about three more chapters to write by next Wednesday, I’d better get cracking. But I had to pay my tribute to the little bits of grace like melody in my life. Autumn seems like the season for it somehow. So for now, grace to you my friends!



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7 responses to “Small graces

  1. Patty Yellis

    What fun to read of your graces. It gave me a pleasant respite from the insanity of trying to get all in order before a trip to PA.
    Hopefully that book on lonliness is among your treasures to be written. I know some girls who would be quite interested.

  2. Debbie in CA : )

    Dear Sarah,

    Recently you posted:

    A sunny bit of a quote from my much admired G.K. Chesterton:

    If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God.

    Today you did just that for me. A day of dead ends and “bummers” marred my sunny ways. But after a nap I happened on this post and smiled. “Ah, I had missed all the little jewels laying all around me.” Thanks for reminding me! : )

  3. Hi Sarah! Just popping in to celebrate grace with you. What a lovely heart you have. Isn’t it just a joy beyond words that the Father delights in the details? Love to you, Q

  4. Silvana

    Hi Sarah,

    I so enjoy reading your posts! Your words are always fresh and encouraging. Thank you for lifting my perspective to much higher and greater heights. I am looking forward to those books you are seeking to publish! Blessings to you!

    Silvana in CT

  5. susan501

    Oh, and you certainly can’t sit down with a good book without a good hot drink to accompany it!


  6. susan501

    OOOps it seems I left a comment using my blog name…I usually reply with mine and my husbands name Nick and Susan! Oh well… favourite good hot drink as I put it to go with a good book (Im reading LOTR for the first time, so I need several drinks as I can’t put it down) is tea!


  7. I feel a little sheepish to admit it, but one of my “small graces” this day was running across your blog entry and finding out that I contributed a small footnote to your story. Thanks so very much for giving my little song a nice place to stay … in the heart and even online! Best regards, Bob Bennett

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