An ode to ocean waves…

Well, at least a half-poetic tribute. There is something stark and frightening to me in the ocean, in the pounding grasp of dark water, in the crash of surf as it climbs the sand. I stood on the edge of a sunset shore two nights ago and turned my face  to watch the sun fall into the sea and die in a splendor of gold. The water rippled in deep waves for endless miles, its surface bright with the satin blue of evening sky. Far off the sun sank deep into the waves, a golden orb of light that crested the blue water with a lace made of golden light. Beneath my feet, the wet sand caught the sunset light, held the orange and gold, the fading crimson and purple shadows so that the whole shore was an Impressionist painting of color and blended light. I sat on the edge of it all, heard the crash of water, smelled the tang of salt, felt the grit of sand, tasted the night-cool air and knew that kindling of soul that always tells me I’m in the middle of a mystery. For there I was, my daily bit of self, and there was my world, a crashing symphony of color, of woven light, of music woven of wind and wave.

I often wonder, in the modern, concrete and asphalt grid of our modern lives if we miss that rare knowing. Paul said we are without excuse of God’s knowledge, because He is known in all that he has made. And yet, if we grow farther and farther from His making, how can we be aware of His soul, brooding in the wind and jeweled light of sunset? The waves have made me wonder…



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5 responses to “An ode to ocean waves…

  1. Debbie in CA : )

    Simply beautiful …

    (I look forward to your next book.)

    Our trip to the beach got cancelled. : ( Thanks for sharing this glimpse so I could vicariously enjoy an ocean sunset.

  2. Rachel

    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring scene! We moved from the California coast (where I have lived all 28 years of my life) to Texas 3 months ago and I did not realize how much of the sea is in my soul. I truly miss it and reading your vivid description satisfied my mind’s eye. Beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous post. I’ve never seen the sea, although now I can PICTURE it.
    Thanks for commenting at my place. 🙂

  4. Susan and Nick

    I liked the point you made about Paul. It certainly explains why a walk in the country can leave you so refreshed.


  5. I have to say I wonder the same thing. The farther mankind moves from the land to the artificial, the farther he must get from God, perhaps. I live in a large city, with people that think a city is the only way to live. Their idea of life is to go from building to building without having to experience the outdoors, which is seen as an inconvenience. I cannot understand this thinking. This is the thinking that creates sculptured lawns full of insecticide that harbor no life and no bird finds alluring. There are developments full of this artificiality carved from the earth where I live. The people that live here came from a “real” city of total concrete. They consider having a house with a controlled lawn and a few palm trees to be the height of country living. How sad.

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