Evening Thoughts

I write you from a hilltop house high above Newport Beach in California. Mom and I hiked up to the top of the neighborhood this evening and saw the city lights for miles and the stars above them. The day began cloudy; we flew into a sea of grey in the sky and down below. But the stars bode well for the weekend. I’m here with Mom for a day of speaking on books, several days of writing and occasional meanders down the shore. It should be good. Here’s a bit of a poem I scratched out the other day to get the inspiration flowing:

It’s a getting up
A keeping on
The singing of an endless song
A turning round until you’re right again.
A setting to,
A journey on,
The dance to an eternal song,
A crazy tune that never seems to end.

It’s the high road up to heaven
And it just keeps windin’ round,
Up to laughter, down to sorrow,
Through the nights and new tomorrows
And though I’m breathless, still it seems that I am bound,
To journey on.

Life feels like that sometimes! (Especially when, like me, you act like a gypsy from days of old.) Come October fourth, I’m home for good. Or at least a month. But meanwhile I intend to keep up the crazy song and sing my heart away to this endless dance of a life. Here’s wishes for music to you all too. Keep up that crazy dance!



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4 responses to “Evening Thoughts

  1. hello sarah,

    just dropped in to check out the latest entry in your blog…

    enjoyed your writing and poem

    hope all is well with you.


  2. Sherilyn

    Hello Sarah,
    This is my first time to visit your blog and I have been thoroughly blessed by you! My husband and I enjoy Rich Mullins, Fernando Ortega, Over the Rhine, and I love Celtic music as well. It felt as if I’d found a long lost friend as I read your blog and I hope to visit often. God bless you richly in this journey of your life.
    Sherilyn : )

  3. “And though I’m breathless, still it seems that I am bound,
    To journey on”

    I love this Sarah 🙂 Truly, it is a joy and a marvel to journey on! Love to you! Q

  4. Susan and Nick

    I can definately relate to that song! I think the “keeping on” is really important especially when faced with chores or just getting up out of bed!! It reminds me of a song by a Scottish man, Ian White, and a song of his called “keep on keeping on”…with much the same theme.


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