To all good souls…

So take up your burden you bright young soul,
Cast the weight of your love to this grand tug of war,
Join the ranks of the wise
Who are giving their lives
To the yearning and loving and striving,
It’s their love that is calling the rising,
Up of the day,
So take up this fight, be a lover of life,
And with all that you are,
Seize your day.

A thought to begin the day, a day I’m ready to seize, especially as it is September. I always seem to be more awake at this time of year. We’re entering the bright months in my opinion, the fire of leaves and the crackle of hearthsides and the tangy air of autumn storms. It’s easy to love life on this good day.



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2 responses to “To all good souls…

  1. Emily

    You set all our souls on fire with the anticipation of what a new season will bring us. I am just beginning my day, and I feel all the more excited and eager to seize the day,after reading your verses. I’m so glad I’ve been able to read about your time at Cambridge in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and I (like all your readers) felt that I was there with you, thanks to your deep and inspiring writing. Enjoy the fading days of summer, and the wonderful books you are reading.
    Much love, Emily Klema

  2. Gabriela I. Leal

    Praise God! What a beautiful poem! I have been encouraged! Love, Gaby

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