A thought to mull…

Captain O’Hara’s ideas of God were peculiar to himself. His God spoke with the voice of winds and waters, sat enthroned among the snows, crowned with the stars, His sword the lightning and his shield the sun. His garment was the green of upland forests and kneeling amongst the bladed wheat, amongst the flowers and grass, one touched the hem of it. And with this God, one fought for physical existence and was lamed and scarred by the fight even as Jacob; and with the pain of fighting, though Captain O’Hara could not have explained how, one somehow bought one’s soul.

-Elizabeth Goudge in Green Dolphin Street (One of my favorite authors and her description of a weathered sea captain with a soul as big as the ocean he sailed. It set me thinking this morning. Thought you might enjoy it too.)


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One response to “A thought to mull…

  1. That is beautiful!

    Would you believe I only recently game to reading Elizabeth G.’s books?

    They were favorites of my mother-in-laws, too.

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