“Beauty, ah, beauty…”

So says Lottie, my favorite character in the book Enchanted April as she wanders the slopes round the Italian castle she has rented for a month. Those words came so many times to my mind in the past week, because there just isn’t much else to say about the Lake District. It really is every bit as breathtakingly gorgeous as I’d heard. I began to feel silly at points because I just couldn’t stop myself from muttering “it’s so beautiful,” under my breath every few minutes, as if saying it could somehow explain it’s loveliness. (I am quite sure Joel was very tempted to say “yes, I know Sarah, you said that five times five minutes ago,”, but he very kindly refrained). Pictures of course, cannot do it justice, but I thought you should at least glimpse this world, simply because it’s beauty was so restorative to the soul. Enjoy.


The first picture at the very, very top was the goal of a delightful scramble we took up from the doorstep of Hill Top Farm, the home of Beatrix Potter. It was an old road leading up through farm fields and windswept lakes to the vista you see above. The picture directly above is the idyllic home of Wordsworth, where he lived with his family during his years as poet laureate. The first picture below is near Hill Top, with a glimpse of the old stone walls that twine round the hills everywhere you look. The second one was taken on a particularly dappled day when we got a bit camera happy. Joel beat a very determined sheep to the top of the hill to claim it as king.


And the last, straight below, is from our day in Grasmere. On a whim, we took a twining old road up the mountain and ended up hiking for two hours. I could do that for days. When we stumbled upon this hillside of giant ferns, it was a bit like walking into a story book, we couldn’t resist acting just a bit like fairies ourselves and peeking out from our hiding spots. So there you have a glimpse. More thoughts to come when I can finally finish unpacking and get my head to stop spinning. Meanwhile, enjoy the last of these golden summer days. And, of course, I hope you find a bit of that “beauty, ah beauty,” yourselves.




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2 responses to ““Beauty, ah, beauty…”

  1. Patty Yellis

    Today I was going to write to you about “Miss Potter” and low and behold I see her house and recognize it before reading your description! Last night we watched the absolutely lovely dvd about Beatrix Potter. I knew that you had gone to the Lake District and wondered if you had wandered the spots that the movie showed. And, today, I see that you had. Wow! What a marvelous way to bring your time in England to a close.

  2. Susan and Nick

    I’m so glad you have put some photo’s of your adventure over here. I’ve been reading your blog for a month or two now and it is always soothing aswell as challenging.

    It probably sounds rather silly, but when I check out your blog and see you have put a new post **everything** has to stop as I drink in your observations, questions and thoughts.

    Keep writing!

    God Bless.


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