The New Anne

My beautiful sister Joy is on a new adventure; an audition for the role of Anne in a new prequel to the beloved Anne of Green Gables series. This promises to be a great movie as it is being done by the same company who produced the series we have all grown up loving so much. As part of the process, Joy has submitted a video of herself doing an Anne monologue to YouTube, where Anne fans can vote and comment on the various submissions. So, I want to let the world know and tell you all to go on over and see how darling she is, and VOTE! Vote for Joy!

YouTube Video
Sullivan Entertainment



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One response to “The New Anne

  1. Debbie

    What a dream this would be! Joy would make a wonderful Anne. I watched the audition tapes and Joy was definitely the best. My daughter Hannah and I have hopes and dreams to visit PEI. We always loved the books and movies. After reading your posts about it we hope to go next year. We’ll be praying for Joy.

    God bless, Debbie

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