Oh it’s beautiful here!

I greet you from my attic eaves nook of a little room with the limpid light of a rainy English evening filtering in through the curtains.  We have arrived. After an adventurous train journey we limped (a result of gigantic suitcases) off the train onto the Cambridge platform and were greeted by the hearty and hospitable Ian; a longtime L’Abri worker and member of Christian Heritage. Our first hours were spent in a welcome whirl of unpacking and a quick jaunt down to the Round Church for tea and a first look round. Our hosts have made us heartily welcome; our first day found us packed along with a basket of goodies and a long stem rose fresh from the garden of the lovely Elaine, wife of Ian. It is sitting in quiet glory on my windowsill right now. Martin, another member of CHC greeted us at the Round Church with tea, chocolate “biscuits” (cookies) and the grace of a prayer in thanks for our arrival. Nathan, our fellow intern, has been a quick and easy chum; and we are sure of many coming adventures.

We began our first day as interns today; trying to memorize the different locks and keys, feeling like little kids in a history class as we took in the vast and varied beauty of stained glass windows and carvings and small nooks round the church. We are already learning the round of greeting and helping and talking, all interspersed with lots of tea and the occasional long conversation. We also met with Ranald Macaulay today for the first time and were given a  vivid picture of his vision for this ministry. We’ll be meeting with him weekly and he will be helping us to a much deeper understanding of the cultural ideas of our time and the Christian thoughts that promise so much renewal. We’re excited!

Pictures will follow soon. Also a short essay on “witnesses”. And of course, a continuing narrative of our adventures. For now, I bid thee all goodnight; the moon has come out and we are heading for bed. Who knows what the morning shall bring? (A cup of tea I hope…)


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