Down Addison’s Walk


It was a sort of pilgrimage. The dappled, windy day was bright around us as we ambled down the famous Addison’s Walk where C.S. Lewis and Tolkien had the midnight talk that pulled Lewis into the realm of Christian belief. We were a delighted pair to be walking in his steps and we had an inspired talk in honor of it. Now, if we can just get a bit of his creative inspiration to get the soul soaring process going…


Finally, we have some pictures! More are coming I do promise, but for now, here are a couple from our day long jaunt to Oxford. We are almost to an end at L’Abri but managed to hop a ride with one of the workers to make a short C.S. Lewisian pilgramage; we hit Magdalene College and saw his rooms and chapels and took our unforgettable walk. Had a short sit in The Eagle and Child pub (more affectionately known as the Bird and Baby), the famed meeting place of the Inklings. And of course, simply wandered as Lewis himself might have done. Down cobbles and under shadowed branches, through college meadows bright with English garden borders and into shops and markets for the occasional spot of tea.



This is the outside of the chapel at Magdelene college; where C.S. Lewis worshiped daily. A funny bit of story; it was said that later in his life he became a slight bit impatient. Though faithful to his morning prayers, he would always put his kettle on to boil before he left and despite where the vicar was in the service, when he heard his kettle whistling would up and away. The vicar learned quickly to shorten his morning service to keep Lewis around to the end!



And this is the world famous Bodleian Library. An endless palace of books. The halls wound ever on into more and more gigantic rooms crammed from floor to cieling with books. Like something out of a fairy tale. Ahh. Heaven is coming- and I’m quite sure it will have a library to occupy us a millenium or two…



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2 responses to “Down Addison’s Walk

  1. Recently I had the task of going through a brilliant collection of photographs in search of pictures that remind me of the kingdom of God. Among my choices is a stack of dusty old books, for books, I say, most definitely remind me of the kingdom of God :).

    Hello… I was sent to read your blog by my aunt, who reads your mother’s newsletter and said you reminded her of me. I like the look of your blog very much :).

  2. joydancer

    You are walking through the corridors of people who wondered and pondered the great issues of God. May He meet you on those pathways and shine His light upon your heart as he has on so many other hearts before yours!
    Grace upon grace to you!

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