A Hasty Hello

Well, the days fly by in windy beauty here! I’ve been wishing to post so much more often; it’s been a tricky challenge to get internet during our time here as everyone’s in the area has decided to go out. I’m now perched in a local pub with a cup of tea and have spent a good two hours just trying to catch up.

We are entering much more deeply into our time here. There is a really great rhythm here of three hours work and three hours study which I find to be oddly refreshing to my soul. I’ll be posting some thoughts on the goodness of work soon. My reading plan, engineered by me with the help of a tutor includes quite a bit of study on Christianity and the Arts, as well as some research into the effect of the most popular children’s stories of our time on the morals and hearts of modern kids. I’ll probably be extending this research to my time at Cambridge and will have a finished paper at the end of it.

I’ve discovered some great authors as I’ve researched; Wendell Berry on the recovery of wonder in the modern world, and Hans Rookmaaker on Art and Christianity. We have daily meals at different workers houses and usually have a good, rousing discussion at lunchtime. It’s been fun to try new foods and find new friends in the midst of new ideas. Yesterday was a memorable lunch, we discussed the nature of compassion; God’s toward us, and ours to ourselves, and how it affects our compassion toward other people. It got long and rousing and I think made our curried lentil stew with cocount and vegetables and such just that more delicious.

Thought here is also greatly aided by the almost hourly arrival of tea breaks in the garden and long rambles in the beauty of the English grounds. So, we’re in a lovely little corner of the world here, and I find that it is a rich haven for these two weeks; the gift of so much time for contemplation is almost incredible.

I’ll post some essay sort of things I’ve been working on soon. For now, cheerio my friends! May your day be full of grace.


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  1. Emily

    Dear Sarah,
    I’m so happy that you can take advantage of the beauty of England this summer, and I pray that you will find yourself overflowing with inspiration and that the ideas would never stop running through your head. Savor every moment and please keep all of your ardent readers updated! I can envision you perfectly, sitting in a British pub with your cup of tea, writing to we “jealous” readers back in the states.
    Take care… Emily

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