And so it begins…

We’re off! Plane tickets, train tickets, passports and clothes, all gotten, stuffed in massive suitcases (which we will drag through the train stations of England) and somewhat ready for our takeoff at 8 tomorrow evening. We have a direct flight into London and then will take the train down to the little village where we will be staying at L’Abri, in the Manor House at Greattham. Oh the adventure.

Look for updates from the road, for adventures had and pictures taken and contemplations snatched from the beauty of our travels. It’s a sort of pilgrimage/adventure/mission trip/gypsy quest all in one. God is so good to have created such fun and dropped it in our laps. So wish us grace as we go.

Farewell until we check in from England…


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  1. joydancer

    You make everything you do, from packing and gettting ready to bumbling on trains and busses, so delightful and picturesque. God speed on your journey and grace upon grace as you go!

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