Sunny Day Tidbits

The all-encompassing blur of packing has come upon me. Four more days and then…England! I had to share these few tidbits however, as they brought me quite a bit of delight in the last couple of days.

First, for the mind, an interview with Gordon Pennington over at the Boundless site (Focus on the Family’s website for college/twenty-somethings). I am so challenged by the way Mr. Pennington thinks about media and culture, spurs me on to want to do something about it. His thoughts on this are definitely worth some hefty contemplation. And as a side note, I actually met him at a C.S. Lewis a couple of years ago and was so impressed by both his grasp of our culture and vision to change it, as well as just his graciousness in general. So take a look.

For the soul, check out the artist I have just discovered: Daniel Gerhartz. Wow.

And for a random bit of delight for the heart, look who I met on my afternoon walk. The photo does not do justice to his blue-eyed baby cuteness. He wasn’t a bit afraid.


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One response to “Sunny Day Tidbits

  1. Just your blog header awakens a longing within me. Been browsing your most recent posts and I wish you Godspeed. I know our Lord has plans for you that are much more than we can dream, hope, or imagine. Our world needs you, Sarah. We need your hope. Your contemplative nature. Your faith.

    Whispering a prayer for you . ..

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