Well, you never know what half-baked poetic thoughts will be born of a morning devotion:

Come Jacob, come to Me,
Wrestle with your God.
We must fight for your soul.
There is fear in the morning,
And dread in the night,
And your heart has grown worn,
With the cold;
Of living for love,
In a bitter world,
Of hoping for light in the dark.
But tonight, I am here,
To be grasped in your hands.
So come, fight for your heart.

Fight for all your questions.
Grip My hands with your darkest fear.
Break and beat out your grief,
I will bear all your tears,
But at the quiet end you’ll finally hear
Me say; “Look.”
“Look into my face.”
For you will see that my name is Love.
And I have held you
As you have fought,
The long told fight,
And won.
For now you have overcome.



Filed under Contemplations, Theology

2 responses to “Jacob

  1. This reminds me of how strong willed the humman nature is. the drive for sin in a dying world. Yet we have a hole in our heart that can not be filled with anything but the goodness and kindness of the Lord and His grace that is free in Jesus, who shed his pure blood on the cross for all sinners.

  2. I also forgot to mention that we cannot fight God. I think of wrestling with my three year old. He is so fragile compared to me. sometimes he thinks he is really beating me up. he starts to get restless after awhile, then realizes that I’m bigger when I get up to chse him. The Lord will let us tire ourselves out, until we say, little monkey sorry. Except we arnt monkeys. we are his children made in his image. Just as our preciouse children come from us.

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